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Linda Buckley feat. Kate Ellis – Jump (live)

The latest in a series of live performances filmed in Unit-1 studios in Dublin, Linda Buckley performs her piece ‘Jump’ accompanied by Kate Ellis.

Filmed and recorded by Nanu Nanu’s Laura Sheeran and Marc Aubele, the atmospherically lit mise en scène and slow-burning visual aesthetic of the video captures the augmented, screeching soundscapes created by the performers as the tension in the piece builds with each harmonic swell resonating within the studio space.

With Sheeran’s camera weaving itself around Buckley and Ellis’ performance, the hand-held nature of the visuals, coupled with several quick cuts, mirror the expansive tone and fluorescent underbelly that glitches and distorts with each passage.

Imbued with a sheer depth of field both the visual and sonic aesthetic of the video’s frantically paced finale leads to a visceral crescendo that works on both levels, with both music and film matching each others creative pulse in a simply captivating way.

Capturing the imagination, Linda Buckley and Kate Ellis’ live performance in Unit-1 studio’s showcases the broad spectrum of art being created in the country at the moment. In context with the previous live recordings filmed in the studio, this piece opens the series up stylistically while still maintaining cohesive thread of creativity that is shown throughout.

Watch Linda Buckley feat. Kate Ellis perform ‘Jump’ live in Unit-1 studios by clicking above.

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