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Culture Vultures (April 10th) – Odessa Club

Lisa O'Neill

Tony Clayton-Lea’s monthly showcase of artists, Culture Vultures, returned to the Odessa Club in Dublin last night continuing it’s rich eclectic vein of performers.

Poet John Cummins opened the show with the simply pulsating, rhythmical nature of the artist’s delivery flowing with a real intent that entranced the audience. With a sheer eye for detail, Cummins honest, emotive style seemed to naturally permeate from the poet, each piece gave further insight into his outlook on life in a way that felt genuine and heartfelt.

Film-maker Lenny Abrahamson took to the stage for an interview hosted by Tony Clayton-Lea. Through Clayton-Lea’s unobtrusive interviewing style, Abrahamson was allowed to speak about his work in a way that was honest, insightful and inspiring, regaling the crowd with complexities of directing Michael Fassbender, as the actor wore a large papier-mâché head, in his latest film Frank.

Singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill brought Culture Vultures to a close with an impassioned performance the musician’s captivating stage presence and enchanting storytelling style bringing those in attendance to a hushed silence. Effortlessly moving from deeply emotional renditions of ‘England Has My Man’ and ‘No Train To Cavan’, O’Neill beguiled the audience with introductions that captured the imagination and entertained. With the crowd fixed on each note, lyric and melody that the songwriter performed, Lisa O’Neill returned to the stage to perform at beautiful version of ‘Raglan Road’.

A night that showcases the broad spectrum of artistic talent working within Ireland at the moment, and indeed several commonalities that thread these styles together, Culture Vultures continues to be a unique event that offers the audience a broader take on the arts.

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