Printer Clips stream first track with Lisa Hannigan

Bell X1 Printer Clips

Bell X1 Printer Clips

Paul Noonan has streamed the first track taken from his new music project Printer Clips. Entitled ‘Apparatchik’ the song is a duet with songwriter Lisa Hannigan.

Permeating a gently resonating nature ‘Apparatchik’ is subtle example of Noonan’s powerfully emotive lyrical style.

With the production simply letting the song speak for itself, the beautifully performed vocal harmonies interweave with soft repose within the reverberating hiss of the recordings soundscapes to give the piece a captivating aesthetic that is occasionally nuanced by scratching string melodies. While the song’s finale is a wash of echoing ambience that draws the listener in to its sudden close.

The Printer Clips project will also feature collaborations between Noonan and several other high-profile songwriters including Joan As Policewoman, Martha Wainwright, Amy Millan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Julia Stone, Cathy Davey, Gemma Hayes, Danielle Harrisson and Caoimhin O Raghallaigh. The recordings were captured over two years in a plethora of unconventional locales such as bedrooms, hallways and basements.

Listen to Printer Clips’ new song ‘Apparatchik’ featuring Lisa Hannigan by clicking below. Photography by Rich Gilligan

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