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Join Me In The Pines – Golden Guilt (live)

David Geraghty’s solo project Join Me in the Pines have filmed a performance of ‘Golden Guilt’ live in Unit-1 studios in Dublin.

Filmed by Laura Sheeran, the atmospheric lighting of Unit-1 gives an almost chiaroscuro aesthetic for Join Me in the Pines to perform their slow-burning alternative folk sound in.

With the hand-held visuals providing an intimate viewing experience Sheeran’s camera work moves intently within the group’s performance, cutting from one striking stylish image to another.

Join Me in the Pines’ powerfully evocative music is given a brooding tone through the group’s subtle use of melody and space. David Geraghty’s husky, hushed vocal reverberates quietly and recedes with each note to provide a deftly delivered foundation for the strong lyrical motifs to rest upon, adding to the song’s sense of depth both sonically and emotionally.

A perfectly set live recording, the minimalist scope of the video leads to several sublime flourishes of imagery and sound that captures and melds with Join Me in the Pines’ music to provide a captivating piece that resonates with creativity.

Click above to watch Join Me In the Pines perform ‘Golden Guilt’ live in Unit-1 studio, filmed by Laura Sheeran with sound by Marc Aubele.


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