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The Altered Hours – Dig Early

Alternative-rock act the Altered Hours have released the music video for the band’s brilliant new single ‘Dig Early’.

Shot by Mary Kelleher, Izabella Szczutkowska and Elaine Howley the video opens with a striking close-up that holds intently before a sudden burst of harmonics leads to a twist in the visuals aesthetic and pace.

Moving quickly from each monochromatic image, the hand-held camera work gives a sense of urgency to the visuals that mirrors the frantically building pulse of the Altered Hours new single.

With Kelleher, Szczutkowska and Holwey’s direction expanding and translating upon the moving sonic focus of ‘Dig Early’, the enclosed, claustrophobic aesthetic of the video is juxtaposed by the sudden introduction of vivid outdoor visuals that inter cut the brooding imagery that permeates throughout.

‘Dig Early’ showcases the continued growth and sheer depth of field that exists within the Altered Hours studio and live sound. The frenetic energy that resonates throughout the group’s latest single is both vibrant and atmospheric giving an exciting glimpse at the band’s future work.

Click above to watch the music video for the Altered Hours’ latest single ‘Dig Early’, shot by Mary Kelleher, Izabella Szczutkowska and Elaine Howley. The single itself will be released on 7″ vinyl via Art For The Blind Records on April 21st.

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