Deaf Joe – For Each And Every One

Deaf Joe has unveiled his latest music video for ‘For Each and Every One’ taken from the musician’s stunning sophomore record From The Heights of a Dream.

Directed by Neil O’Driscoll, who recently worked on the brilliant September Girls video ‘Sister’, the shuddering pulse of the opening scenes establish the brooding tone of the video. With a palpable unease, the visuals quickly cut with sudden bursts of strong symbolist imagery, constantly blinking in and out of beautifully composed surreal shots.

With the visceral sense of scope that permeates from Deaf Joe’s music scoring the building tension with each persistent piano note working to give a taut atmosphere to the piece, O’Driscoll’s direction follows the music perfectly and mirrors the augmented structural nature of the musician’s work with a narrative that jumps from vast open locales to enclosed close-ups that focus upon its subjects almost voyeuristically.

With it’s stunning use of imagery, Neil O’Driscoll’s direction and Deaf Joe’s music result in a aesthetically layered and at times unsettling piece that captures the concept and tone of Deaf Joe’s deeply atmospheric album.

Click above to watch Deaf Joe’s new video for ‘For Each and Every One’ directed by Neil O’Driscoll. Read theLastMixedTape’s review of From The Heights of a Dream.


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