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September Girls – Sister

Noise-pop outfit September Girls have unveiled their latest music video for ‘Sister’ taken from the group’s seminal début album Cursing the Sea.

Directed by Neil O’Driscoll, the video opens with a scene setting close-up that holds intently, giving an almost claustrophobic feel, alluding to the emotive and atmospheric aesthetic of ‘Sister’ with O’Driscoll conveying the deep dynamic chasms and washing harmonic textures of the song itself within a visual spectrum.

Cast in shadow and ambient lighting the director’s minimalist yet highly stylised visuals works to translate the tone and feel of September Girls sound capturing the group’s captivating live performance within a mise en scène that is both considered and cohesively realised.

As the beautiful shot composition and affective cinematography creates the strong foundation for the visuals to rest upon, O’Driscoll starts to augment and evolve the scope of the piece taking it beyond the confines of the video’s starting locale.

The kaleidoscopic twist in the tail that finds the musicians’ blended and incorporated into the, now, texturally building and tense imagery that mirrors the crashing rhythms and screeching noise-influenced melodies of ‘Sister’ providing a affective finale to the music video.

Neill O’Driscoll’s creative direction leads to several visually stunning moments in a video that perfectly synthesises with the sheer depth of field that permeates throughout September Girls début record Cursing the Sea.

Click above to watch the latest video from September Girls for ‘Sister’ directed by Neill O’Driscoll. Cursing the Sea from September Girls is out now.

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