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Darling – Sail Away

Alternative-rock duo Darling have unveiled the new music video for the single ‘Sail Away’ taken from their stellar self-titled E.P.

Directed by Scott Altman, the deeply affective narrative captured within a monochrome aesthetic that underlines the sense of escapism the permeates throughout the video.

Moving slowly to the pounding, powerfully melodic tone of Darling’s music, the visuals intently hold and almost pause on each beautifully shot moment as Altman’s direction captivates with grounded sensibilities as the film maker finds the emotion core of the piece through subtle evocative imagery.

At the centre of video a pair of strong performances from both Hannah and Rachel Curtis who convey each twist and turn in the narrative with refreshing believability as their characters move through their captivating story arc.

Blended into the broad spectrum of Darling’s vast multi-textural sound, Scott Altman’s direction provides a beautifully paced and realised visual accompaniment to the singe which never intrudes on the song but aids in translating the evocative nature of ‘Sail Away’.

Click above to watch the latest video from Darling for ‘Sail Away’ directed Scott Altman and starring Hannah and Rachel Curtis. The single itself, taken from the E.P Darling, is out now. 

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