Propeller Palms release new single ‘Look My Way’

Propeller Palms

Waterford soul influenced outfit Propeller Palms have released their new single ‘Look My Way’ as a free download for a limited time. 

With its infectious vibrancy ‘Look My Way’ encapsulates the vast spectrum of sound achieved by Propeller Palms’ highly stylised sound. Containing joyous bursts of booming brass and an unrelenting groove-laden rhythm section the constantly interweaving instrumentation forms in one pulsing melodic tapestry.

Capturing the stylistic tone of the single, Paul Butler’s vocal sits above the powerful support from the Propeller Palms to deliver a snarling performance that evokes the aggressive nature of the song itself. Coupled with the soul driven, call and response of the backing vocals Propeller Palms start to form a soul-punk aesthetic to their sound.

An exciting new single from an intensely talented group, ‘Look My Way’ from Propeller Palms is a strong continuation of the band’s pulsating funk sound.

‘Look My Way’ by Propeller Palms is out via free download for a limited time now.

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