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The Mixed-Tape | The Vincent(s) – Throne Song

The Vincents, Fifa Records

The Vincents, Fifa Records

This week’s edition of “The Mixed-Tape” comes from Death-pop outfit the Vincent(s) with their stunning new single ‘Throne Song’.

With the sudden crash of swaying guitar melodies and pulsing drums, the slow burning aesthetic of ‘Throne Song’ is set as the Vincent(s) build their Death-pop sound upon a rumbling bedrock of harmonic textures.

Infused with the group’s palpable sense of dynamic scope, ‘Throne Song’ is given a deep-seated sonic aspect that moves through powerful cacophonous peaks to hypnotic troughs that echo within the howling noise that forms the core of the Vincent(s) sound, showcasing the carefully crafted approach the band take with their music.

Building to shuddering crescendos that highlight the tonal weight of ‘Throne Song’, as the brooding nature of the recording creates an affective atmosphere that permeates throughout the single leaving the snarling vocal delivery express the isolation of the lyrical content meld with the musics washing backdrop.

Providing an exciting glimpse into the Vincent(s) continued sonic and artistic evolution, ‘Throne Song’ see the band push the boundaries of their Death-pop sound while still maintaining a strong sense of identity.

It is for these reasons that ‘Throne Song’ by the Vincent(s) is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”.

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