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Able Archer – Ghostmaker

Dublin-based rock act Able Archer have unveiled the music video for their latest single ‘Ghostmaker’.

Infused with the group’s dynamic rock-influenced sound and pulsing with a driving bed of distortion, Able Archer’s new single thrashes its way through its succinct running time showcasing the group’s pin-point song writing.

Infused with the tonal core of ‘Ghostmaker’ the accompanying video moves and cuts with each percussive jolt of sound that underlines Able Archer’s sound. Shot in black and white, with the camera creating a claustrophobic atmosphere through the use of shifting close-ups that enclose around the group as they energetically perform their latest single, the visual blend with the almost nihilistic themes of the Dublin bands music.

Due for release on March 24th, ‘Ghostmaker’ from Able Archer provides an engaging interpretation of the rock genre with more than enough edge to keep it relevant.

Watch the new music video for ‘Ghostmaker’ by Able Archer by clicking above.

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