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The Mixed-Tape | Sleep Thieves – City of Hearts

Sleep Thieves

This week’s addition to “The Mixed-Tape” comes from electro-pop trio Sleep Thieves with their new single ‘City of Hearts’.

Opening with a slow-burning atmosphere of pulsating synth and textural harmonic washes, the vast sonic scope of ‘City of Hearts’ is defined in Sleep Thieves ability to bring an element of deep isolation and beauty to their music.

The sheer depth of field created within the group’s sound play’s into the emotive edge and tone of the single. Infused with Sleep Thieves unique melodic interplay, the recording echoes and shimmers with each pop and click of percussion or synthesiser.

Above this simply gorgeous soundscape sits Sorcha Brennan’s enchanting vocal performance. Drawing the listener further into glistening backdrop, Brennan’s voice breaks through the interwoven melodic tapestry of ‘City of Hearts’ and blends into the song.

Working like a perfectly composed piece of photography, the depth found within the recording’s background leaves Brennan to dominate the foreground creating a sense of aspect and mood to the piece.

A truly exciting indication of Sleep Thieves forthcoming debut album You Want The Night. With its subtle minimal production aesthetic and flourescent sound ‘City of Hearts’ find the Dublin trio at their best, creating a living, breathing landscape through beautifully performed and composed music.

It is for these reasons that ‘City of Hearts’ by Sleep Thieves is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”.

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