R.S.A.G to perform a special live show at the Button Factory

Rarely Seen Above Ground

Rarely Seen Above Ground

One of Ireland’s most affective and powerful performers Rarely Seen Above Ground will host a special live show at the Button Factory next month.

Taking place on March 14th, the free concert will be a unique opportunity to experience the primal pounding aesthetic of R.S.A.G’s live sound blended with the artist’s always captivating visual accompaniment. The performance will see Hickey work with a renowned set designer to expand on the stunning aesthetic of his live shows and will also be captured on film.

Working together as a singular entity, the interwoven visual and musical elements of Jeremy Hickey’s live performances create a deeply atmospheric, pulsating experience that is simply engrossing.

Always a musician with a unique sense of scope, R.S.A.G’s ability to draw from imagery and visual inspiration makes the multi-instrumentalist’s sound almost cinematic in its focus and depth of field.

For more information on this unique performance from R.S.A.G in the Button Factory on March 14th, visit the event’s Facebook page.

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