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Curator’s Club – Odessa Club

Irish Times music critic Tony Clayton-Lea’s turn at the helm of the Curator’s Club in the Odessa saw an eclectic spectrum of the countrie’s most engaging artists.

Opening the show with spoken word/poetry act Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About, the palpable creativity shared between the trio set the highly cultured tone of the night.

Each beginning with a piece from their show Three Men Talking the deeply emotive content and delivery of their work was felt throughout the venue as the crowd sat quietly and respectfully, absorbing the easily relatable subject matter depicted so brilliantly by the performers.

Following the poetry section of the night, Tony Clayton-Lea sat down with playwright Mark O’Rowe for an engrossing and honest public interview. The ease in which both O’Rowe and Clayton-Lea conversed about the process and background behind the acclaimed playwright’s career was simply charming, with the Curator’s Club proving the perfect setting for such an event.

Closing the night with their always captivating live performance, noise-pop outfit September Girls delivered a raw, visceral sonic edge to Clayton-Lea’s line-up.

Powering through tracks taken from their seminal debut album Cursing the Sea, the group’s washing meld of harsh melodic guitars, all-encompassing synth and absorbing vocals were propelled stunningly by the bone-rattling rhythm section that forms the group’s core. Finishing off the night with the screeching feedback of amplifiers the band perfectly encapsulated the creative concept of the Curator’s Club.

Tony Clayton-Lea’s blend of poetry, discussion and music had a definite thread that kept the show cohesive and maintained the central theme of the monthly event. And with such a strong line-up on show, Clayton-Lea has set something of a marker for future curator’s.

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