The Sound Between The Trees – Paperback Signed



Signed paperback copy of Stephen White’s The Sound Between The Trees

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The Sound Between Trees, a music festival set in the fragile heat of Irish summer, provides the perfect backdrop for Cáit and Sam to escape Dublin, shake the present, and forget the future. Weaving a vivid feast for the senses, rhythm, melody and meaning paint a world of sound for the pair of twenty-somethings to find each other and themselves amongst the hidden forests of Wateford’s Ambrose Estate.

Memories are born, thrive and fade as only they can at a music festival. Cast against flickering stage lights, rumbling beats and a lost society of festival-goers, can the newfound lovers break free of expectation? Or will reality wait patiently beyond The Sound Between The Trees?
A story of mental health, escapism and freedom, The Sound Between The Trees captures the stark uncertainty of modern Ireland and the people crushed beneath its weight, contorted by the past, yearning to be free.

Session moths endlessly dance, and music joyously flows as Cáit and Sam’s lives collide within The Sound Between The Trees.

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Dimensions 21.5 × 14 cm


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