8 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Sprints, CMAT, Soda Blonde & more

Soda Blonde – Dream Big

Dream Big finds intimacy in ambition, beauty within the bustle and life somewhere in between. Soda Blonde’s second outing expands on their ability to deliver heart-wrenching pop passages with a record that is big on scale and bigger on meaning. The raw songwriting, ear for a great pop hook and layered musicality are all on full display, but now with an added sense of scale and drama – TLMT Album Review

Sprints – Up And Comer

The rumbling undercurrent and thrashing foreground of ‘Up and Comer’ gives us a glimpse into Sprints’ Letter To Self. Working a dynamic rise and fall into the group’s sound, the track builds into a flurry of sonic punches.  

CMAT – Stay For Something

The shimmering pop grandeur of ‘Stay For Something’ finds CMAT inviting us into the world of her upcoming Crazymad, For Me album with a big music that fills out the sonic spectrum and contains CMAT’s ever powerful performance and songwriting. 

I Have A Tribe – Sunshine

As beautifully and thoughtfully tempered as ever, I Have A Tribe’s ‘Sunshine’ is a tangled web of lyrical expressions, woven musicality, and perfect performance. 

The Mary Wallopers – The Blarney Stone

The jangled stomp of ‘The Blanery Stone’ (taken from the forthcoming Irish Rock N Roll) from The Mary Wallopers captures the group’s infectious energy and joyous take on Irish trad-punk genre with a suitably raucous performance. 

Milk – I Think I Lost My Number Can I Have Yours?

The far-reaching alt-pop of ‘I Think I Lost My Number Can I Have Yours?’ finds Milk melding a myriad of genre flourishes into their already stylistically strong sound, making for an added element of depth and color to the band’s music.

Maija Sofia – True Love

 True Love is a conjuring of entangled tales through music and performance. Each song stands on its own two feet while also playing its part in the greater piece. Powerful, captivating, and uncompromising, True Love is a mirror of its creator – TLMT Album Review

Danny Carroll – Cheesemonger

Danny Carroll’s slow-burn crooner ‘Cheesemonger’ takes shape over gently set indie-pop bedrock that gradually unfolds into an intricate melding of off-kilter and sudden dynamic jolts.

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