10 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Aoife Nessa Frances, Jape, David Keenan & more

Jape – Lashing Through The Minutes

Taken from Jape’s forthcoming Endless Thread, ‘Lashing Through The Minutes’ glides above a lush bedrock of sounds that sprawl out into a widescreen offering from the artist.

Aoife Nessa Frances – Fantasy

Aoife Nessa Frances returns with the haunting sound of ‘Fantasy’. Set against a dreamlike milieu, Frances’ mesmerizing vocal has a hazy quality to it that plays into the grand scale of the music.

Louise Gaffney – Floating Paradise

The ethereal edges of Louise Gaffney’s ‘Floating Paradise’ draw you into the cinematic scope and atmospherically charged slow-burn of both the music and Gaffney’s softly portrayed vocals. 

Photo by Ellius Grace

David Keenan – An Irish Song

David Keenan’s ‘An Irish Song’ finds the songsmith weaving the Irish experience within a modern context through a song that finds power in performance and dynamism. 

Big Sleep – All of the Pretty Things

‘All of the Pretty Things’ finds Big Sleep crafting a serene inide-pop ballad awash with brilliant sound, captivating performance, and ambitious production, all which creates a song alive with musicality. 

The Scratch – Trom II (A Slip In The Wind)

Our first glimpse into the Scratch’s Mind Yourself, ‘Trom II (A Slip In The Wind) tangles a sense of sonic drama within the organic musicality and slow-burn atmospherics that build to the track’s powerful conclusion. 

Olra Monelle – Selfish

The slick neo soul of Oral Monelle’s ‘Selfish’ wraps itself around a command vocal performance that blends into the stylistically on-point musicality. 

Blood Donor – Thru With

The myriad of genre flourishes that play out within Blood Donor’s ‘Thru With’, find that artist melding the sonic array into a sound that contrasts jagged guitars and glistening harmonies to great effect. 

Photo credit Aleksandra Schmidt

Jessica Brett – Sleep At Night

Jessica Brett’s powerhouse pop single ‘Sleep at Night’ swings for the fences as the artist delivers an equally powerful performance within the stylized hooks and beats of the production.   

Cheryl-Ann – Little Things You Do

The upbeat feel and melodically rich sound of Cheryl-Ann’s ‘Little Things You Do’ has an inviting sound brought to life by grounded, expressionistic songwriting and strong production.

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