9 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Cruel Sister, Rudy, Nara & more

Cruel Sister – Hands

Cruel Sister’s dynamically charged new single ‘Hands’ finds its power in the clashing alt-rock push and pull that surrounds the music and Cruel Sister’s commanding vocal thread.

Naoise Roo – Sacred Cow

Naoise Roo makes her return with the darkly lit twang and rumble of ‘Sacred Cow’, a song that centres itself around Roo’s commanding crooning and abstracting lyrical expressionism.

Nara – Scarlet

The serene pop mood of Nara’s ‘Scarlet’ rests itself upon a lush production, slick beat and hushed vocal that draws you further into the music. 

Rudy – Stevie

The rumbled lo-if indie-pop of Rudy’s ‘Stevie’ finds a dreamlike tone within the deeply layered textures of the sound, allowing the songwriter to convey the emotion behind the music.

The Neon Cars – The Way It’s Always Been

The vibrant indie-rock of the Neon Cars come to the fore on the expansive ‘The Way It’s Always Been’. Cast across a bedrock of jangled hooks and sing-a-along choruses, the track as undeniable sense of scale.

Faoi Bhláth – Hands

Faoi Bhláth’s haunting ‘Witches’ casts its spell within a jolting soundscape as the artist weaves a captivating performance around the swirling tones and dynamics. 

Hxney – Sweet Spot

The stylistically striking sound of Hxney’s ‘Sweet Spot’ wraps itself around a wonderfully portrayed, harmony rich vocal performance that blends brilliantly into the beat.

Sick Love – Holly

A bone rattling slice of indie-rock, Sick Love’s dynamic new track ‘Holly’ continues the group’s comeback and sonic step forward with a sound that is honed in its shape and form. 

Moncrieff – Love Somebody

Our first glimpse into Moncrieff debut album, ‘Love Somebody’ is an endlessly ambitious offering brought to life via big choruses, powerful beats and commanding vocal harmonies.

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