8 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist

Photo Credit: Rich Gilligan

Gemma Hayes – High & Low

Gemma Hayes makes a deft return with the serene, gently set new single ‘High & Low’. Resting upon Hayes softly conveyed vocal performance, harmonies and lyricism, the song is a wonderfully handcrafted offering from the songwriter.

Photo Credit: Eva Carolan

Brigid Mae Power – Counting Down

Taken from Brigid Mae Power’s upcoming album Dream From The Deep Well (due out on June 30th), ‘Counting Down’ carries with it an entangled sound that resonates in the performance and production, cast against a well-woven vocal, organic musicianship and spacious folk ambience. 

Photo Credit: Carrie Davenport

Problem Patterns – Letter of Resignation

The palpable rattle and hum from Problem Pattern’s ‘Letter of Resignation’ feels vital. From the pointed vocal to the fuzzing background, the track has a short-sharp-shock punk approach that cuts to the heat of the matter.

David ofmg – Somewhere

‘Somewhere’ can be found at the heart of David ofmg’s debut E.P. for what it’s worth, crafting a sprawling dream-pop milieu, the song has a defined sense of atmosphere and place, born out of hazy harmony passages, interlocking guitars and far-off reverbs.

Reevah – Time To Breathe

The big ambitious pop sound of Reevah’s ‘Time To Breath’ comes to the fore via an array of swing for the fences choruses, dynamic beats and powerful vocal parts, all of which delivering a vibrant new offering from the rising artist.

Proper Micro NV – Never Go On

A contorting electronic journey that melds pulsing moods and tones, Proper Micro NV’s ‘Never Go On’ has a slow-burn feel that shifts and changes with each passing beat, making for a compelling listen that revels new treasures on each listen.

Photo Credit: Roisin Murphy O’Sullivan

Sister Fenix – In Water

Opening Sister Fenix’s debut E.P. Gentle Life, ‘In Water’ takes shape as Jess Kav and Senita Appiakorang’s strong vocal presence blend perfectly above a bedrock of stylistically lush sounds that meld an array of genres.

Autre Monde – Sensitive Assignment, Parts 1 to 4

A razor edged offering from Autre Monde the mangled experimental to lush pop sounds of ‘Sensitive Assignment, Part 1 to 4’ traverse a wide array of musical territories over an epic ten minute journey, taking in new sights and sounds with each moment.

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