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International Women’s Day 2023 Irish Music Playlist

TLMT's celebrates International Women's Day 2023 with a Spotify playlist featuring loads of amazing music


MARCH 8TH 2023

The Last Mixed Tape’s Annual International Women’s Day Playlist.

New Music


March 8th marks International Women’s Day 2023, to celebrate the Last Mixed Tape has curated a playlist of the best in Irish music.

Featuring on TLMT’s International Women’s Day 2023 Spotify playlist are artists such as Sinéad O’Brien, whose debut album Time Bend and Break The Bower was chosen as our 2022 Album Of The Year, Aoife Nessa Frances and a track from her stunning LP Protector, Pillow Queens Leave The Light On is encapsulated on ‘Be By Your Side’, as well as a song from Ailbhe Reddy’s forthcoming record Endless Affair.

Artists who made the past year and present their own also feature. ‘Simple Life’ from Kynsy captures her rising prominence, Cruel Sister’s individualistic voice comes to the fore on ‘Chihiro’, the dream-pop haze of ‘Say It’ highlights NewDad’s all-encompassing sound, while ‘Lemon Pie’ finds Carlsbad weaving her songwriting around an enchanting harmonic music.

Add to this a host of artists spanning a multitude of styles and genres, the myriad of voices and perspectives created by women in the Irish music scene speaks for itself.

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