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Review | “World Still Blue isn’t Bernard Shaw’s glass mirror but rather a looking glass” Rosa Nutty – World Still Blue

The Last Mixed Tape reviews World Still Blue, the debut album from Rosa Nutty.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “You use a glass mirror to see your face. You use works of art to see your soul.”, and so goes World Still Blue. Rosa Nutty’s debut record resonates with the expressionism of intimate songwriting. World Still Blue is life from the artist’s perspective. 

‘Mouths’ sets the scene with a tender vocal performance portrayed over World Still Blue’s spacious indie-folk production. Allowing each word and breath to be heard, lines repeated refrain “two people trying to paint a house, arms too sore to try cover our mouths” are given impact through subtlety. This power of intimacy is essential to Rosa Nutty’s songwriting. While the lyrics are poetic in their abstraction of internal and external relationships, at no point do we question their authenticity. 

The music of World Still Blue matches this authenticity. There’s an organic beauty to the shimmering colours of ‘Supermoon’, a jaggedness to the swaying meter of ‘Dancer’, and a reverb-soaked depth to the title track. These all help portray the space Rosa Nutty wants her words to occupy, a background that draws the listener into the foreground.

World Still Blue leaves its high-water mark on ‘Wildcard’. Capturing the thematic push and pull, the indie jangle music weaves and ties itself to Nutty’s vocals as self-reflection, anxiety and expectation weight on the lyrics. This is best seen in the striking opening line, “Yes, I’ll perk up. Tell me a joke. It takes two to drive this float”, where Nutty gives us an obscured glimpse into the song’s inspiration. 

And so it goes, World Still Blue is an album about life itself, that of Rosa Nutty. Expressed in her music and words, World Still Blue isn’t Bernard Shaw’s glass mirror but rather a looking glass. 

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