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Review | “An expansive milieu carved out of mood and meaning” Columbia Mills – Heart Of A Nation

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Heart Of A Nation, the new studio album from Columbia Mills.

Heart Of A Nation’s sonic openness allows Columbia Mills and the listener to traverse through an expansive milieu carved out of mood and meaning. The band’s third studio album, Heart Of A Nation, lifts the weightier elements of Columbia Mills’ music and adds an air of tension and release.

From the opening, reverberated guitars and lush textural backdrop of ‘Addiction’, Heart Of A Nation takes on a widescreen scope. Melded with a solid thematic lyrical thread, the contrasting feel of the music gives a real depth of field to Heart Of A Nation.

Heart Of A Nation is a record that expands and contracts. ‘Nevada’ has an oppressive buzzing sound, showcasing the heavier side of Columbia Mills while maintaining the album’s over-arching openness in the choruses. ‘Momentum’ finds the group entering electronica territory via an ever-evolving syncopated beat and rising synths. While ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’ adds an atmospherically charged energy to Heart Of A Nation’s large-scale sonic arc.  

However, ‘The Day Has Won’ captures the imagination most. Melting the lyrical impressionism, sonic scale, and textural weight of Heart Of A Nation, ‘The Day Has Won’ best encapsulates Columbia Mills’ ability to create a real-world setting for their songwriting. Where every note, word and beat feeds back into the song’s meaning. 

And so it goes, Heart Of A Nation finds Columbia Mills adding grandeur to their sound via openness. On their third offering, Columbia Mills gives space and time for their music to grow, resulting in a record that has a more significant impact. Heart Of A Nation is an album where the meaning is communicated in every element of the music itself. 

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