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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Aoife Wolf, Kez, Virgins, April & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Aoife Wolf – The Wetlands

Aoife Wolf’s jagged offering ‘The Wetlands’ cuts an angular sonic shape as the songwriter and icy production builds a tense atmosphere.

Virgins – Transmit A Little Heaven

Virgins’ far-reaching dream-pop casts itself across their Transmit A Little Heaven E.P. Defined by lush soundscapes of heavily textured guitars, punctuating beats, and engulfed vocal flourishes.

April – Distraction

Taken from April’s forthcoming Starlane E.P, ‘Distraction’ has an icy neon-noir pop mood that drifts behind April’s hushed vocal performance.

Neil Dexter – I’ll Be Ready

Neil Dexter’s debut album I’ll Be Ready is a work of musical and genre extraction and abstraction. An album that melds stark minimal electronic passages with large scale synth-pop flourishes.

Photo by Rob Nolan

Kez – How Can You Not See?

A truly powerful first offering from Kez, ‘How Can You Not See?’ is a song that ebbs and flows beneath a stand-out central performance from the songwriter.

Columbia Mills – Heart of a Nation

The third studio album from Columbia Mills, Heart of a Nation finds the band traversing the size and scale of their expansive music with a sound that has a defined sense of weight to every note and beat. Read the Last Mixed Tape full review this Sunday.

Photo by Y-control Photography

Reevah – Call Me Up

Reevah undergoes a sonic sea-change with the vivid pop of ‘Call Me Up’. Alive with vibrant production and the artists’ captivating vocals, the track is big step forward.

Cronin – Mad For You

Cronin’s comeback track ‘Mad For You’ bursts out of the speakers with bustling indie scale as the band add a sense of stylisation to the central crooning vocals.

Somebody’s Child – Sell Out

Interlocking instrumentation take the ambitious indie sound of Somebody’s Child’s ‘Sell Out’ and tied them into a sharp sound where everything is in its right place.

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