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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by whenyoung, Gilla Band, Talos, Aonair & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

whenyoung – The Laundress

Set against swirling electronic sounds and beats, ‘The Laundress’ finds whenyoung marking a tidal shift in their music incorporating their indie-pop foundations with bolder sonic colors.

Skinner – Commander Trainwreck

A stark, mangling of indie-pop sounds makes for inventive offering from Skinner in the shape of Commander Trainwreck E.P. as the rising artist finds his voice on the title track and ‘Dog Daze’ in particular.

Uly – Keith, I want to be everything

Slick in its design and delivery, ‘Keith, I want to be everything’ centres itself around a soulful vocal performance from Uly.

Photo credit: Anna Mággy

Talos – Dear Chaos

Dear Chaos has a tidal sense of melancholy melodrama. Soaring and falling, the music found within Talos’ new album makes excellent use of the artist’s stand-out characteristic, his soaring vocals. Dear Chaos also works to envelop the listener in a world that finds definition with turbulence. Read the Last Mixed Tape’s full review – here.

Aonair – Loveheart Birthmark

Soaked in high fidelity 80s synth-pop vibes, Aonair’s stylized Loveheart Birthmark E.P. has a lush aesthetic framed by widescreen pop songwriting, captured in songs like the anthemic ‘Think Twice’.

Gilla Band – Most Normal

Drawing from the shuddering fury of Holding Hands With Jamie via the visceral, primal scream of The Talkies, Most Normal is the natural, albeit abstracted, progression for Gilla Band. In context, the record has much in common with the dissembled elements found in Picasso’s epic, Guernica. Read The Last Mixed Tape’s full review – here.

Photo by Abe Neihum

Farah Elle – Fatima

The debut album from Farah Elle, Fatima plays itself across a vivid vista of intricate harmonies, layered rhythms and majestic sounds, found on songs like ‘Laundry’ and ‘Lunar’. Read The Last Mixed Tape’s full review this Sunday.

Banríon – Fooling

Banríon’s ‘Fooling’, taken from the band’s forthcoming dare to crush E.P, shifts its shape via a fuzzy, jangled bedrock that melds indie-rock, dream-pop and post-punk into one.

Photo by Molly Keane

Kate Dineen – Invest

Intimate indie-folk from Kate Dinesen, ‘Invest’ takes shape via organic musicality, built-in dynamics and Dinesen’s hushed yet soaring vocals.

Kind Pirates – Out In The City

A short sharp shock melodic indie-rock, the anthemic choruses of Kind Pirates’ ‘Only In The City’ demand repeat listening.

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