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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Carlsbad, Fya Fox, Talos, Sorcha Richardson, The Murder Capital & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Photo by Ross Andrew Stewart

Carlsbad – Lemon Pie

‘Lemon Pie’ serves as the sophomore single from Carlsbad, a serenely set slice of indie-folk the song carries across a deep atmospheric edge via the artist hushed vocal and dreamlike production.

Photo by Anna Maggy

Talos – Kites

Taken from Talos upcoming album Dear Chaos, ‘Kites’ has an epic scope and sense of drama to it that fills out the spectrum with soaring vocals, scattered beats and far-off textures.

Rosa Nutty – Wildcard

Rosa Nutty returns with our first glimpse into the songwriters forthcoming debut World Still Blue in the shape of ‘Wildcard’. Set against an inviting backdrop of harmony, melody and jangled guitar, ‘Wildcard’ leaves a lasting impression that invites repeat listening.

Anna Mieke – Mannequin

‘Mannequin’ subtle, handcrafted folk sound resonates with Anna Mieke’s enchanting vocal weaving as the song gives us a further glimpse into the world of Mieke’s upcoming album Theatre.

Photo by Lucy Curran

Fya Fox – Like Loving Jesus

The lush ‘Like Loving Jesus’ from fast rising pop artist Fya Fox builds itself around a swing for the fences chorus, pensive verses and dynamic electro pop production as Fya Fox delivers a powerhouse vocal performance.

Photo by Molly Keane

Sorcha Richardson – Smiling Like An Idiot

The brand new album from Sorcha Richardson, Smiling Like An Idiot finds the drama in the small moments. Each song has a personal story, a lived experience, made alive by the scale and scope of the music. Read The Last Mixed Tape’s full album review – here.

Blood Donor – Lonely Street

‘Lonely Street’ is a widescreen melding of alt-pop and indie flourishes as Blood Donor delivers an expansive sound that blends a myriad of stylistic elements into its milieu.

Roe – Alarms

The final offering from Roe’s That’s When The Panic Sets In, ‘Alarms’ weaves an emotional raw lyrical thread around a reverb soaked ballad backdrop. Read The Last Mixed Tape’s full album review this Sunday.

Calmea – Where To

The centrepiece in Calmea’s I know now I didn’t know, what it meant to really go, ‘Where To’ is an enchanting song that weaves its spell via Calmea’s gently set vocal and multi-layered harmonies.

The Murder Capital – A Thousand Lives

With the announcement of their second album Gigi’s Recovery, due out January 2023, The Murder Captial unleash the jagged contrast of ‘A Thousand Lives’, a song that traverses a myriad of dynamic peaks and troughs.

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