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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Anna Mieke, Christian Cohle, Judy On The Roof & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Christian Cohle – Wasted

Drenched in atmosphere, Christian Cohle’s texturally deep ‘Wasted’ lives on a bedrock of mood and tone.

Anna Mieke – Twin

Beautifully tempered indie-folk from Anna Mieke, ‘Twin’ is a carefully crafted offering of intimate foundations.

Judy On The Roof – In Dreams

Set to a dream-pop haze, the hypnotic waves of sound that come from Judy On The Roof’s ‘In Dreams’ make for an immersive listen from beginning to end.


Benny Smiles – Solid Ground (feat. Jessy Lord)

Expansive electro-pop, Solid Ground finds Benny Smiles and Jessy Lord delving into the depth of a lush sounds and captivating vocals.

Anna Mullarkey – Falling Apart

The lowlight setting of Anna Mullarkey’s ‘Falling Apart’ captures the imagination with inventive soundscapes and performance.

Ria Rua – I Don’t Care

Closing out Ria Rua’s stellar E.P. Chaos / Control, ‘I Don’t Care’ has an epic scale that plays across crashing beats and powerful vocals.

Myles O’Reilly – Cacooning Heart

The opening and title-track from Myles O’Reilly’s new album, ‘Cacooning Heart’ scrathces, rumbles and reverberates within a pensive sonic setting.

JaYne – Sucker

Slick neo-soul from JaYne, ‘Sucker’ is an intricately musical offering weaved around JaYne’s scene stealing performance.

Driven Snow – Sunlight

The sophomore single from Driven Snow, ‘Sunlight’ resonates within a pulsing backdrop and softly delivered harmonies.

Neon Atlas – It’s All Who You Know

Spikey, swing for the fences alt-rock from Neon Atlas, ‘It’s All Who You Know’ is cast across a large-scale indie production.

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