Q&A | Aimée

What’s the last song you listened to?

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka 

What artist or album or artist have you been listening to the most?


What’s influencing your music right now?

I’m inspired a lot by my relationships and people around me at the moment. I think its because we have had 2 years of being apart, so being able to be around people again brings up all kinds of emotions & stories for new songs. 

Tell us about your new single Nobody Else. How was it written and recorded?

‘Nobody Else’ was written over zoom during lockdown. I recorded a lot of my bvs, harmonies and adlibs from my home studio and then we finished the song in Stokholm. It was a different process than normal obviously because of covid. But it was amazing to create something so special with people from different sides of the world and to then be able to come together at the end to finish it in Sweden. 

With live gigs returning how do you feel about getting back performing in front of audiences again?

I am counting down the days to my next show. Performing at my tour in February it was like I never left the stage. It just felt so right. Seeing everyone’s faces singing & dancing. It was magic. 

Nobody Else by Aimée is out now.


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  1. Fair play to her

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