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What’s the last song you listened to?


Was shown this record by a friend over the summer and it’s probably been the only album since then that I’ve had on repeat over and over again. The whole thing slaps from top to bottom. 

What artist or album has gotten you through lockdown the most?

The record label Sublime Frequencies. I’ve just binged their discography over and over again and it has been very helpful during lockdown. They’re a sort of ethnomusicological type of label, putting out recordings of music from all over the globe, and their releases are like musical/sonic documentaries of the places where the music comes from. One I always go back to is “Folk Music of The Sahel Vol 1: Niger”

What’s influencing your music right now?

Naturally occurring rhythms happening all the time all around us and trying to translate that into tangible music that people can tap their toe to. I’m really sensitive to my surroundings and I find my music definitely changes when I’m in a different space, which I am at the moment so I can see how my music is being affected by that too. As well as this I’m really just trying to make music that I would listen to myself and be less self conscious about making music and being myself while doing it.

Tell us about your new debut album, what has inspired it?

It started off as just a further exploration of another album I had out under my own name. But as time went on my brain was getting muddled between the music I make that could be considered “conventional” music and more sound art styled projects. I felt conflicted as I thought my work had to be one or the other, either music or sound art, so I decided to work on the music side of things under a new name and start a band, and that’s where KINEOGRAPH was born. I’ve been in bands my whole musical life and this is the longest stint I’ve gone without being in one so I’m really excited to get back to my roots as an artist. Aesthetically this album is a meshing of all my interests and tastes together in a way that’s tasteful and hopefully not lame. I love hip hop, jazz, kraut rock, minimalist, electronic and so many other styles, this album is a stab at trying to take all of the things I like about those genres and respectfully put them together in my own way.

What do you hope people take away from the record?

I hope they want to listen to it again and it acts as a nice introduction to KINEOGRAPH and gets people’s attention, enough that they want to keep in the loop about what’s next for me and the whole project in the coming months. I also hope when they listen to it they’ll associate it with some nice time, maybe in the morning over a coffee, or during an evening stroll around the block. Hopefully they’ll take this record with them on these everyday moments of bliss and they become intertwined.

Capricorn by Kineograph is out on Friday, December 3rd.

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