TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Fya Fox, The Zen Arcade, Andi, Kehli, Bullet Girl & more

Kehli – Not OK

Kehli’s slick new single ‘Not OK’ finds the fast rising pop artist delivering a lush track brimming to the top with hook layered production and striking vocal harmonies.

Fya Fox – Numb

‘Numb’ is a heartfelt, emotionally charged offering from Fya Fox set against far-reaching alt-pop production that moves in dynamic tandem with the performance.

The Zen Arcade – Alone In Monochrome

Set against a fuzzed out back drop, contrasted by glidtened power-pop jangle, the Zen Arcade’s ‘Alone In Monochrome’ is an instant indie gem.

Neil Dexter – I’ll Be With You

‘I’ll Be With You’ casts a hazy glow of layered harmonies, orchestra pop and shimmering textures, as Neil Dexter swings for the fences with ambitious songwriting and production.

Andi – Cedarward

The title and opening track from Andi’s new E.P, the tense, jagged alt-rock of ‘Cedarward’ cuts an angular figure sonically and thematically.

Dotts O’Connor – Off The Page

Rhythmically strong, ‘Off The Page’ rumbles and tumbles beneath a deftly woven tapestry of intricate vocal and guitar lines.

Bullet Girl – The Hunt

Sharpe-edged post-punk the cuts right through, ‘The Hunt’ is has frantic, growled sound as Bullet Girl create a music that grabs the attention instantly.

Xona – This Could Be Us

A brilliantly lush track from Xona’s brand new E.P. In My Head, ‘This Could Be Us’ has an anthemic and emotional impact as a song alive with vivid hooks and beats.

Skanger – Mistakes

A tense, atmospheric track, Skanger’s ‘Mistakes’ twists and turns with soundscspes that meld together with the tracks’ engrossing vocal.

Kid Karate – Running

Buzzsaw indie-rock from Kid Karate’s Roosevelt Hotel, ‘Running’ growls and rumbles with interlocking guitar and big vocal hooks.

Vale – Allow and Breach

Awash with great swells of texture, Vale’s ‘Allow and Breach’ is a deeply set tapestry of soundscape on which a captivating music flows.

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