TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by ROE, Denise Chaila, Lyra, NewDad, Erica Cody, CMAT, Elkin & more

NewDad – Ladybird

Set across a dreamlike tangled bedrock, the swaying slow-burn of NewDad’s ‘Ladybird’ melds melody into malaise in equal measure.

Lyra – Lose My Mind

Swing for the fences epic-pop from Lyra, the grandeur of ‘Lose My Mind’ is a dynamically populated offering led by the artist captivating presence.

Denise Chaila feat. Murli – Energy

Denise Chaila returns with the stylish new single ‘Energy’. Focusing on the artist striking turn of phrase both lyrically and vocally the song finds itself wrapped around a clear vibe.

Erica Cody – Love & Light

The title-track from Erica Cody’s new E.P, ‘Love & Light’ mirrors the rich R&B milieu of it’s parent record with a sound that makes great use of lush production and performance.

Orla – Lazy

Orla’s ‘Lush’ finds it’s centre around a compelling vocal performance that wraps itself perfectly around a subtle beat.

ROE feat. Ciaran Lavery – Destroyer

ROE turns the angular edged spike of ‘Destroyer’ around into a contorting atmosphere led by raw songwriting, mood and performance.

CMAT – No More Virgos

CMAT’s music takes a sonic shift via the electro-pop inflections of new single ‘No More Virgos’, taken from the artists forthcoming debut If My Wife New I’d Be Dead.

ELKIN – Bodies

A strong stylistic leap from Elkin, the deep dark beat of ‘Bodies’ finds the duo adding a brooding edge to their sound.

Yinyang – Skitz

‘Skitz’ is a sonically striking offering from Yingyang that plays with meaning, buzzing soundscapes and scattered beats led by a pointed performance.

The Florentinas – Sandcastles

Swing for the fences indie-pop from the Florentinas, ‘Sandcastles’ is as vivid as it is impactful.

Boyfrens – Sinking (Get a Grip)

Sonically contorting, Boyfrens latest offering blurs and speeds it’s way through a rich myriad of sounds.

Ali Warren – Head Over Heart

Gently set and wrapped a around vocally striking core, the twilight atmosphere of ‘Head Over Heart’ finds Ali Warren conveying a texturally deep music.

Emma Edel – Why We Try

Big ambitous pop from Emma Edel, ‘Why We Try’ is a highly-stylised offering that goes big in choruses via well crafted layered harmonies.

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