TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Shiv, Sprints, Thumper, Maria Kelly, David Keenan & more

Rooue – Dancing Sad

Alt-pop duo Rooue return with the glistening of ‘Dancing Sad’. A song alive with vivid beats and brimming to the top with harmony, the track is a strong stylistic step from the pair.

Shiv – Where You Are

The closing track from Shiv’s stellar The Love Interlude, ‘Where You Are’ is a deftly woven tapestry of soaring vocal hormones that showcase the artists captivating presence.

Sprints – Modern Job

Sprints’ ‘Modern Job’ finds the group furthering the snarl, gnarled punk core of their sound with a track that pushes against the edges lyrically and musically.

Thumper – The Loser

Thumper continue to build in momentum with the fuzz-driven, bone-shaking rumble of ‘The Loser’, melding melody and noise.

Julia-Maria – With Me

Cast against a glistening folk milieu, ‘With Me’ centres itself around a captivating vocal from songwriter Julia-Maria that leads the music along the emotional thread.

Kev Olden – Ache

Blending a serene air with alt-folk atmospherics, the deep driving sound of Kev Olden’s ‘Ache’ makes it’s way through a strong bedrock of performance and presence.

Kate Dineen – Good Guys

A gently set offering from Kate Dineen, ‘Good Guys’ takes shape via a handcrafted alt-country presentation that flows throughout.

Sam Wickens – Civil

Tensely wrapped around a taut building tone, Sam Wickens ambitious single ‘Civil’ dynamically twists and turns.

Whozyerman? – Why What?

Sonically contorting, the sharp experimentation of Whozyerman’s ‘Why What?’ takes sounds from all corners of the sonic spectrum and turns them on their head.

Maria Kelly – Martha

Bookended by the critical thematic thread of voice messages from supportive friends, ‘Martha’ reveals Maria Kelly’s debut The Sum Of The In-Between (Read TLMT’s full review) as an album with no distance between audience and artist

David Keenan – Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories

‘Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories’ marks David Keenan’s stunning new album What Then? (Read TLMT’s full review) with a sure-footed display of melding sonic passages and lyrical twists and turns.

Smallmint – Pseudonym

Taken from Smallmint’s Where We All End Up In The End, ‘Pseudonym’ captures the slow-burn, patient song crafting shown throughout the band’s richly set debut record.

Gareth Quinn Redmond – Oscailte

The title-track from Gareth Quinn Redmond’s contemplative new record, ‘Oscailte’ shimmers with warm synth ambience and soundscapes populated with rising texture.

Really Good Time – Best Medicine

Angular, sharp-edged indie comes from the jolting ‘Best Medicine’ as Really Good Time build a winding array of guitars around a krautrock core.

Viscose – Peace of Mind

Viscose returns with the electro-pop pulse of ‘Peace of Mind’, a song that adds layer upon layer of hook-based synth-lines under Viscose’s vocal acrobatics.

Anna Carmody – Hangover

Darkly lit and resting on a pensive, tense atmospheric-folk knife-edge, Anna Carmody’s ‘Hangover’ is as striking as it is lasting.

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