TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by April, Sophie Doyle Ryder, Halli & more

Halli – Shit I Almost Said I Love You

Twisted, contorting electronic sound of Halli’s ‘Shit I Almost Said I Love You’ creates layers through space, tense performance and sonically warping production.

April – Piece Of Me

High stylization and rich in emotive backbone, April’s latest offering ‘Piece Of Me’ is a depthful slice of atmospheric alt-pop that continues the artists growing momentum.

Shiv – Where You Are

Alive with bustling vibrancy, Shiv’s slick new single ‘Where You Are’ is a song with a powerful pulse and equally striking vocal weaving and harmonizing.

Patrick Stefan – Anna

Contrasting delicate an acoustic backdrop and soulful vocal performance, Patrick Stefan’s ‘Anna’ adds another layer to the track with a beat that cuts through and splices a angular edge to the music.

Sophie Doyle Ryder – Hunni Hunni

Sophie Doyle Ryder’s ‘Hunni Hunni’ is a melting pot of sound and melody. Moving from one stylistic flourish to another the song moves to a singular sound.

PRiiCE – Kingsize

‘Kingsize’ finds PRiiCE building on the striking sound of their previous tracks with a song that takes dynamic jumps that weave around the duo’s sleek R&B inflections.

Old Sea Legs – The Lucky Ones

The debut offering from Old Sea Legs, ‘The Lucky Ones’ makes a strong first impression with a music that draws from several genres and creates something all of its own.

Avelina – Never Enough

The lowlight alt-pop of ‘Never Enough’ finds Avelina finding atmosphere in space within a track that has a serenity to it that allows the songwriting emotive performance at it’s core room to breath.

Smallsmint – Synonym

A short sharp shock of a track, Smallmint’s jangled expansive new track ‘Synonym’ condenses the bands dynamic sound in under two minutes.

DYVR – Smoke

Atmospherically charged electro-pop, DYVR’s ‘Smoke’ carries an enigmatic sense of sound that permeates through the music and performance.

Rushes – Lost In Therapy

Taken from Rushes new album Glowchild, ‘Lost In Therapy’ takes the artists genre flourishes and puts them through a prism of precise production and quick-snap vocal weaving.

Havvk – No Patience

A highlight from Havvk’s stellar sophomore record Levelling (read TLMT’s full review – here),  ‘No Patience’ Havvk build the tension found throughout the album only to loosen their grip before rebuilding a brooding sense of foreboding once again.

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