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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Sive, Elkin, Let’s Set Sail, St. Bishop, Lisa Hannigan & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Sive – Think Before I Speak

Sive makes her return with the rhythmically turbulent, melodically delicate and atmospherically enchanting offering, ‘Think Before I Speak’, making for a most welcome comeback.

Let’s Set Sail – A Savage Goo

Set against a bedrock of bedrock of ambient atmospherics, the traditional storytelling inflections of Let’s Set Sail’s ‘A Savage Goo’ create a sound all of their own.

Elkin – Tokens

Elkin’s vivid new single ‘Tokens’ takes on a lush pop milieu alive with harmonic vibrancy, rising beats and a ambitious melding of songwriting and swing for the fences production.

A Ritual Sea – Radiate

Bewitching in its setting, the longform dreamlike mood of A Ritual Sea’s far-reaching new single ‘Radiate’ make for a powerful listen brought to life by distant soundscapes.

Elaine Mai feat. Sinead White – Go Slow

Elaine Mai and Sinead White join forces on the pulsating electro-pop offering ‘Go Slow’. Melding mood and melody, has a undeniable array of hooks and beats.

Dotts O’Connor – They Won’t See Us Coming

Juxtaposing intricate beats and serene textures, the forward motion of Dotts O’Connor’s ‘They Won’t See Us Coming’ wraps its spell via glistening synths and spacious production.

St. Bishop – Talking To You

‘Talking To You’ is a giant sonic leap forward from St. Bishop as the artist delivers a single that meets its ambition with slick performance, production and songwriting.

Ódú – Saturday

The cinematic synth-wave of Ódú’s ‘Saturday’ wraps the artists pin-point songwriting in a sound that bustles with layers of rich retro-pop texture.

1000 Beasts feat. Felispeaks – But For The Honour Of The Pen

A truly individualistic offering, 1000 Beasts slow-burn serene undercurrent of ‘But For The Honour Of The Pen’ sets the scene for Felispeaks weaving words and images.

Thumper – Ad Nauseum

As Thumper build towards the release of their much-anticipated debut album, this remixed version of ‘Ad Nauseum’ serves as a bone-rattling reminder of the bands’ all-in sound.

Lisa Hannigan & Crash Ensemble – MCMXIV

Haunting, bewitching and lasting, Lisa Hannigan & Crash Ensemble’s ‘MCMXIV’ is something both beautiful and ominous to behold.

Brí – In My Head

A gently set slice of alt-pop, ‘In My Head’ finds Brí weaving a captivating spell with a sound bathed in mood, harmony and tone.

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