TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Silverbacks, Maria Kelly, Modernlove, Of All Living Things & more

Maria Kelly – The Sum of the In-Between

The delicate title track from Maria Kelly’s forthcoming debut, ‘The Sum of the In-Between’ is instantly enchanting in its sound and engrossing in its performance.

The Altered Hours – You Are Wrong

A roaring, rumbling offering from the Altered Hours upcoming sophomore Convertible, ‘You Are Wrong’ is tensely set affair that merges rising sounds with brooding backdrops.

Of All Living Things – If I Go

Atmospherically weighted, the patient slow-burn of ‘If I Go’ comes in dreamlike waves as Of All Living Things weave a captivating, Lynchian spell.

Modernlove – 2 Missed Calls

Taken from Modernlove’s monochrome blue E.P, ‘2 Missed Calls’ finds the band portraying the large-scale lush indie music across a song alive with hooks, textures and beats.

Silverbacks – Wear My Medals

A swirling, rising, angular return from Silverbacks, ‘Wear My Medals’ comes into sharp focus with quick-snap changes and edged, urgent passages.

Light Grey – Messed Up

Slick punk-pop from Light Grey, ‘Messed Up’ finds the ambitious core of the duo’s influences and adds a layer of contorted sonics on top, resulting in an edged offering.

Ruth Mac – Living Room

‘Living Room’s indie-funk flourishes and serene soulful harmonies finds songwriter Ruth Mac delivering a slick new single that begs repeated listening.

Aonair – Bad Decisions

With its cinematic milieu and sprawling synth backdrop, the widescreen sound of Aonair’s ‘Bad Decisions’ expands into spectacular pop extravagance.

Andi – Giving Up

The rhythmic foundation of Andi’s ‘Giving Up’ makes for a strong backbone for the artist’s soaring vocal performance as its weaves its way around the stop-start beat.

RuthAnne – The Way I Love You

The title-track on RuthAnne’s brand new E.P, ‘The Way I Love You’ is a masterclass in slick pop songwriting, covering the spectrum of sound with harmonies, hooks and big-production.

Cat Dowling – Freedom

‘Freedom’ by Cat Dowling casts a texturally rich shadow as the song builds and builds with layer upon layer to create a song vivid in its construct.

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