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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Fya Fox, JyellowL, TV People, Rudy & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

JyellowL – See Me Finish

JyellowL makes his return with the quick snap wordplay of ‘See Me Finish’, melding a myriad of sound the track is a melting pot of stylistic flourishes.

Fya Fox – Need It

Set to a pulsing slow-burn, the rumble beat of ‘Need It’ juxtaposes the serene alt-pop overtones of Fya Fox’s ambitious new single that works as the artists best work to date.

TV People – Shallow Minds

The opening track on TV People’s Nothing More E.P, ‘Shallow Minds’ takes shape via angular, mood-drive post-punk that broods within dynamic edges.

Lost In Your Mind – Restless

‘Restless’ finds Lost In Your Mind creating a sharp-edged, spiky sound via a track that rattles and hums with defined indie and dream-pop elements.

Laura Duff – Wayside

Laura Duff’s ‘Wayside’ melds the serene with the dreamlike in a track alive with atmospheric texture and emotionally expressive songwriting and performance.

Rudy – Far Away

Traversing hazy, far-reaching alt-pop territory, the textural, mood-driven tone of ‘Far Away’ makes for a captivating debut from Rudy. Alive with vivid sounds and an enchanting central performance the track melds a myriad of stylistic flourishes within its three-minute plus run time.

Moxie Photo by Colin Gillen

MOXIE – The Place Above

Taken from Moxie’s forthcoming debut offering The Dawn Of Motion, ‘The Place Above’ is a song brimming to the top with vivid undercurrents and a soulful foreground brought to life via a powerful vocal.

Four In The Morning – In The Dark

Closing Four In The Morning’s Stress Dreams E.P, ‘In The Dark’ baths in the same atmospheric-folk depths as its parent record and identifies the band’s ability for deft songwriting.

Sven – Spare Tyre

A slick, stylistically lush offering, Sven’s ‘Spare Tyre’ makes for a compelling blend of beats, melody and harmonies filled with hook after hook.

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