TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Inhaler, Soda Blonde, Loah, Zali, Orla Gartland & more

Loah – Your World

Loah has returned with a musical re-imagining of Georgia Douglas Johnson‘s poem ‘Your World’. Taking the expressive flow of the words, Loah weaves the meaning around a evocative vocal performance.

Orla Gartland – Your Not Special, Babe

Orla Gartland gives us another glimpse into her forthcoming Women On The Internet, ‘Your Not Special, Babe’ moves to a precise pop pulse that moves Gartland’s emotionally honest lyrics forward.

Aoife Nessa Frances & Jack Name – Watching The Willows Burn

Aoife Nessa Frances and Jack Name come together to weave the lowlight sound of ‘Watching The Willows Burn’, a song that pulls you in with each hypnotic passage.

Lux Alma – To The Sea

Lux Alma creates a soundscape all of her own on ‘To The Sea’. Cast within a multi-layered backdrop of sound that’s constantly moving and shifting, the track is singular in its character.

1000 Beasts feat. Célia Tiab – NYCBB

‘NYCBB’ finds 1000 Beasts and Célia Tiab delving into a smooth electro milieu populated by vivid sonic twists and turns, and a lush array of vocal harmonies.

Zali – We Are Not Alright

Zali returns with the deeply vibrant and multi textured offering ‘We Are Not Alright’. Built around a stunning performance from Zali, the track has a sound that demands to be put on repeat.

Soda Blonde – In The Heat Of The Night

Taken from Soda Blonde’s stunning new album Small Talk (TLMT’s full review), ‘In The Heat Of Night’ encapsulates the neon buzzing backdrop and emotionally raw lyricism its parent record.

Inhaler – My Honest Face

The zenith of Inhaler’s propellant debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This (TLMT’s review), ‘My Honest Face’ pushes their sound forward with giant guitars, big drums and a commanding vocal.

Nnic – Chase Dream

Nnic’s ‘Chase Dream’ is a song alive with rhythm and movement. Set against a turbulent beat and juxtaposed by commanding vocal this is a track made from strong contrasts.

DYVR feat. Havvk – The Others

DYVR and Havvk combine to create the synth-wave depth and focus of ‘The Others’. All of which collides and creates a cinematically cast song built from space, mood and texture.

Four Nights – Nothing To Say

Contorted sonically, ‘Nothing To Say’ is a highlight from Four Nights’ debut E.P. Bed, and conveys a compelling sense of an artist with a defined sound.

Ciaran Lavery – I Love The Inevitability Of Death

Ciaran Lavery’s dynamically punctuated ‘I Love The Inevitability Of Death’ finds the songwriter twisting and turning words around an equally constant-motion sound.

Elkae – Wrong Side Of Love

The closing track on Elkae’s Girls Like You Like Me, ‘Wrong Side Of Love’ has an ambitious pop production that wraps around the hooks, beats and harmonies found within the song itself

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