TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | May 2021

Cosha – Run The Track

Cosha gives us a pulsating glimpse into her upcoming debut Mt. Pleasant. Refreshing to listen to and alive with vivd sound, this single needs to be put on repeat.

Hallie – Remedy

Hallie constructs a slow-burn soundscape with ‘Remedy’. A single built upon a hazy, breathless mood, there’s a real sense of space and place to the alt-pop inflection of the music.

Bantum – New Leaf

Unrelenting funk is the order of the day with Bantum’s brand new single ‘New Leaf’. The first single from his forthcoming E.P, this song is soaked in vibrant beats, rising synths and forward motion.

Dark Tropics – Keep Searching

Dark Tropics dreamlike ‘Keep Searching’ is a sublime slice of pin-point pop-noir. Moving from one dynamically differing passage to another the music wraps itself neatly around a captivating vocal layer.

Local Boy – Brain feat. Sick Nanley

Taken from Local Boy’s Local Boy Helps Himself E.P, ‘Brain’ feat. Sick Nanley captures the slick sonic milieu of its parent record a highly contrasted beat and augmented harmonies.

Hex Hue – Aquiver

Cast across a vivid, ambitious backdrop of widescreen production, Hex Hue’s powerfully layered new single ‘Aquiver’ has irrepressable sense of creativity to it.

Fears – Fabric

The peak of Fears’ stunning debut record Oíche, ‘Fabric’ takes shape via a minimalist scope put through a prism of emotionally honestly that emanates within the album.

YinYang – Poison Darts / Boyish Charms

Yinyang’s ‘Poison Darts / Boyish Charms’ growls out of the speakers with a gritty, brooding beat matched by unrestrained, raucous performance from the artist.

Rêves – It’s Not Me

‘It’s Not Me’ is an indie-gem in the making. Rêves create a slice of jangled, melodically rich, hook-filled musicality with a single stays with you long after listening.

Emma Horan – 3 Words

Emma Horan’s hazy new single ‘3 Words’, finds the artist delivering a shimmering pop sound surrounded by refreshing hooks and beats.

Cruel Sister – My Forever

Cruel Sister’s sonically contorting single ‘My Forever’, is an abstracted, dreamlike offering alive with texture, tone and mood that engulfs the foreground and the background.

Inhaler – Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)

Inhaler knock it out of the park once again, with the swaggering ‘Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)’. A song that lives up to the band’s growing status and hype.

Scattered Ashes – Parrallel Lines

The angular, unrelenting post-punk milieu of Scattered Ashes’ ‘Parrellel Lines’ demands the attention. From the crashing growled backdrop to the pointed foreground the track is a must listen.

Reevah – Daydreamer

Reevah makes her return with the glistening alt-pop of ‘Daydreamer’. Lead by a captivating and hazy vocal performance, the song rises and falls with dynamic twists and turns.

J Smith – In the Death of Something Beautiful

Taken from J Smith’s forthcoming (…) And you chose not to laugh, ‘In The Death of Something Beautiful’ takes shape via a strong depth of field, tumbling beat and soaring vocal.

All Tvvins – Something Special

‘Something Special’ finds indie-pop duo All Tvvins delivering a fast-paced, kitchen-sink track that is ambitious and alive with vivid sounds and beats.

Pastiche – Paraphernalia

Pastiche continues her ascendancy with the gritty electro-pop of ‘Paraphernalia’. a song bursting with confidence and attitude, the artist latest offering is the perfect follow-up and progression to her previous single ‘Heaven’.

Amy Naessens – Nothing Like You

Set to a slow-burn, Amy Naessens’ alt-pop ballad ‘Nothing Like You’ finds it center through Naessens softly set performance and delicate songwriting.

Whozyerman? – All The Time To Kill

Intricate in its design, ‘All The Time To Kill’ by Whozyerman? is a song with a foundation of invention and creativity, put through the prism of abstraction.

Olivia Burke – Anybody Else

Olivia Burke’s highly-stylized new single ‘Anybody Else’ makes a lasting impression as the slick production, subtle harmonies and a precise central vocal.

Four Nights – Not This Time

Four Nights’ ‘Not This Time’ has a deep sense of space and sound. Cast across a powerful backdrop the song weaves a compelling trail of beats, hooks and dynamic hits.

Carrie Baxter feat. Jack Tyson Charles – I Wasn’t Looking For You

The stylistic milieu of Carrie Baxter’s ‘I Wasn’t Looking For You’ featuring Jack Tyson Charles is hard to deny. A sleek soul track with a pair of vocal performance that match the moment.

Sky Atlas – Stone

Building patiently, Sky Altas’ ‘Stone’ rests upon a deep-seated foundation of musicality and layered weaving that makes for a compelling soundscape to delve into.

Enda Gallery – I Want Liberation

Alive with funk led flourishes, Enda Gallery’s ‘I Want Liberation’ is a tightly woven tapestry of genre blending, all-out production and style.

Saige – What Should I Write

‘What Should I Write’ finds Saige delivering a heartfelt sound and song that rests upon a bedrock of deeply set vocal harmonies, distant textures and subtle atmospherics.

Fya Fox – Sunset

Fya Fox continues a run of stellar singles with the ambitious, building drama of ‘Sunset’. Featuring soaring vocal acrobatics, the production matches the performance every step pf the way.

Elkin – Clothes

With their new single ‘Clothes’, Elkin explore rape culture and victim blaming via a jolting angular pop beat, intricate vocal layering and raw lyricism.

Avelina – The Occult

Making a compelling introduction, Avelina’s ‘The Occult’ is a singular song filled with dark atmospherics, heightened tones, and ambitious production.

Leah Rose – Goodnight

Hazy, ethereal and captivating, Leah Rose’s debut offering is makes a striking first impression with a cinematically edged song, deeply set and delicately crafted. A very promising beginning.

Senu feat. Cidot – Tsumi

One of many centerpieces in Senu’s standout debut Jetlag, ‘Tsumi’ has a glitched urgent air to it that conveys many of the key textures of its parent record.

Nara – Venus De Milo

Set to a slow-burn, off-kilter beat, Nara’s ‘Venus De Milo’ has an instantly singular sound. Conveying the emergence of an exciting new artist, this track has a character and sound all of its own.

Elephant – Envy

‘Envy’ marks the return of Elephant. A song of exposed lyricism, vivid musical interplay and introspective vocal performance, Elephant’s comeback is an instant indie-gem.

Maria Kelly – Eight Hours

Maria Kelly’s intimate songwriting finds a home amongst the twinkling twlight sound of new single ‘eight hours’. Delicate in its performance and form, ‘eight hours’ is another compelling offering from Kelly.

Conchúr White – Dreamers

The title-track from Conchúr White’s forthcoming Dreamers E.P, the songwriters latest offering makes for a compelling blend of cut dynamism, big builds and powerful vocals.

Cherym – Listening to My Head

A stone cold punk-pop banger, Cherym’s ‘Listening to My Head’ is a short sharp shock of endless hooks, urgent guitar and slick songwriting.

Strange Boy – Prayers

Our second glimpse into Strange Boy’s debut offering Unholy / Holy, ‘Prayers’ finds the artist putting his outlook through a prism frantic wordplay and striking rawness above genre blending beats.

Enola Gay – Sofa Surfing

Enola Gay announce themselves with the rip-roaring, shuddered rumble of ‘Sofa Surfing’, a song that snarls and growls at the listener from beginning to end.

Rowan – Everybody Talks

Rowan unleash the vibrant interplay and bustling frustration of ‘Everybody Talks’. The title track from the band’s upcoming E.P, ‘Everybody Talks’ takes sonic twists and turns in the blink of an eye.

Rue – Into The Woods

Softly set alt-pop surrounds ‘Into The Woods’, the new single from Rue, a song with a spacious sense of reverb soaked hooks, harmonies and beats.

St. Bishop – Close

St. Bishop’s new single ‘Close’ takes shape via an intricate blend of beats and melody wrapped around an expansive alt-pop sound.

Saint Sister – Manchester Air

Delving further into the world of Saint Sister’s forthcoming sophomore When Should I End, ‘Manchester Air’ has a minimalist scope that centres itself around the duo’s captivating vocal weaving.

Susan O’Neill – Give Me A Good Reason

‘Give Me A Good Reason’ finds songwriter Susan O’Neill creating a texturally weighty music around her heart-wrenching vocal.

Elkae – Distraction

Ambitious, widescreen pop is the order of the day on Elkae’s ‘Distraction’. A vibrant offering, the single has strong musicality layered into a pin-point pop production.

Tolü Makay – Aye

Tolü Makay sets her soaring voice to a multi-textural backdrop on new single ‘Aye’. Moving from repose to release throughout, the track has sense of weight to each moment.

Liliana – What Are We Now?

Liliana makes a stand-out introduction with the lush ‘What Are We Now?’, cast against a full-scale pop sound this debut makes a lasting impression of a young artist who has already found their sound.

Slaney – Love Is Like A Drug

A vivid, pulsating pop beat is at the core of Slaney’s sonically rich single ‘Love Is Like A Drug. With this highly-stylized track, Slaney once again identifies herself as a rising artist on the scene.

Just Wondering – Bicycles

Sonically contorting, Just Wondering’s vivid ‘Bicycles’ is a song alive with invention and creativity, making for a truly unique listen.

Louise Gaffney – When I Sing I Drink Wine

Taken from Louise Gaffney’s new Not Even Here E.P, ‘When I Sing I Drink Wine’ is a delicate offering that rests on deep atmospherics and Gaffney’s fragile vocal performance.

Skinner – Beer me, Jim

A gritty collision of angular guitar and soaring brass, the jangled indie-pop of Skinner’s ‘Beer Me, Jim’ portrays a textural malaise that permeates throughout.

Dani Larkin – Love Part Two

Our final glimpse leading into the release of Dani Larkin’s Notes for A Maiden Warrior, ‘Love Part Two’ portrays the engrossing atmospheric affectations that Larkin weaves with each song.

Varley – A Little Bit Funny

Awash with hazy moods and tones, the slow-burn pops and clicks of Varley’s ‘A Little Bit Funny’ are soaked in spacious atmospherics.

VJ Jaxson – Kozy Kid

VJ Jaxson raucously realized melding of genre flourishes comes to the fore in ‘Kozy Kid’, a joyously inventive blend of beats and sounds.

Lyndsey Putt Photography

BABA – Keep You Safe

Glistened retro neo-soul comes flowing out of the speakers on ‘Keep You Safe’, as BABA’s vocal acrobatics play into the music and songwriting perfectly.

Lisa Murray – The Kind Of Girl

Lisa Murray’s minimalist-pop sound makes for a entrancing listen on her new single ‘The Kind Of Girl’. Using space and impact, the song has a singular style to it.

RuthAnne – Safe Place

RuthAnne’s subtly intricate single ‘Safe Place’ is a song wrapped in musically rich songwriting, stylish production and emotive performance.

Wyvern Lingo. Copyright Miguel Ruiz.

Wyvern Lingo – Don’t Say It ( Jason Agel Remix )

A shining light in Wyvern Lingo’s Awake You Lie, ‘Don’t Say It’ is remixed by Jason Agel, adding a layer of summery electro-pop sheen to the song’s already lush sonic aesthetic. Wyvern Lingo will be hosting a live stream from the National Concert Hall in Dublin, as part of the NCH’s Sounding The Feminists summer season, at 8pm on Wednesday 23rd June.

Wyvern Lingo. Copyright Miguel Ruiz.

Neil Dexter – Loving You

‘Loving You’ marks the solo debut offering from Neil Dexter. Set to an ever expanding cavalcade of art-pop layering and forward moving synths, Dexter instantly creates a sound all of his own.

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