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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Dani Larkin, For Those I Love, Aoife Carton & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Days

A beautifully set return wrapped in a delicate atmosphere and weaved in emotionally affecting songwriting, Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ ‘Days’ is a powerful offering from an artist on the ascendance.

For Those I Love – Birthday / The Pain

There can be no doubting that For Those I Love is one of the countries most exciting new voices, the artist’s latest track ‘Birthday / The Pain’ contrasts a vivid production with hard-hitting lyrical rawness.

Aoife Carton – Who Am I Today

Aoife Carton’s vivid new single ‘Who Am I Today’ finds the songwriter returning with a striking new sound filled with the vibrancy of creativity, making for an instantly compelling listen.

Christian Cohle – Holy Trouble

Our final glimpse into Christian Cohle’s forthcoming debut album Holy Trouble, the title track conveys the weight, emotively and sonically, that Cohle has established early in his career. A brooding piece that builds the anticipation ahead of its parent album’s release.

Étáin – bone house

Set against a backdrop of dreamlike, hazy repose Étáin makes creates a deeply captivating introduction with the subtle indie-folk of ‘bone house’.

Milk – You & I

A sonically contorted blend of sounds, Milk’s new single ‘You & I’ is filled with contrasting textures that add sharp edges to the hooks and melodies that make the music so engrossing.

Cherym – Kisses On My Cards

Cherym deliver a short, sharp, shock with the gritty ‘Kisses On My Cards’. Set against a bone rattling clash of drums and angular guitars, the song has an urgency and sense of forward motion to it.

Robert John Ardiff – Tightrope Walker

‘Tightrope Walker’ finds songwriter Robert John Ardiff delivering a delicate lyrical honesty surrounded by an organic musical backdrop that follows the meaning of the song perfectly.

Dani Larkin – Love Part Three

Dani Larkin continues a run of truly compelling single releases ahead of her debut album Notes For A Maiden Warrior, in the shape of ‘Love Part Three’ Larkin’s powerful songwriting and voice take centre stage in a song that builds slowly and deliberately.

N.O.A.H feat. Booka Brass – Darkest Hour

A big bold swing for the fences from N.O.A.H, ‘Darkest Hour’ is an ambitious offering from the band centred around big choruses, pounding beat and added layers of sonic colour by Booka Brass.

Fí – Over You

A highly-stylised, slick offering from Fí, ‘You & I’ is pin-point pop from the artist that moves with ease from hook to hook over a lush production.

Amerik feat. Gareth Dunlop – Bouquet

A sublimely set track, the atmospheric pop of ‘Bouquet’ takes a patient mood and creates a deep intricate sound built upon a sense of space for each vocal, beat and melody.

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