TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | January 2021

Danny G & the Major 7ths – When It All Runs Out

Taken from Danny G & The Major 7ths new album The Lookout, ‘When It All Runs Out’ is a smooth blend of rhythms, glistening vibes and soulful vocal harmonies that form the core of its parent album.

Post-Party – Being Honest

A short, sharp, shock of indie-pop comes bursting out of the speakers with Post-Party’s latest single ‘Being Honest’, characterised by a pulsating drum beat, big choruses and interweaving guitar work.

Gareth Quinn Redmond & Yurn – Life’s Slow Build

A gently set and deeply atmospheric sound resonates throughout ‘Life’s Slow Build’. The title-track from Gareth Quinn Redmond & Yurn’s new E.P, the intricate music wraps itself around a cinematic mood and electronic edge adding a sense of drama to the track and E.P. as a whole.

Hallie – Waves

Set against a deep, darkly lit production, Hallie’s ‘Waves’ has a brooding backbone that rests behind the artist vocal layering and weaving. Resulting in a track with a compelling depth of field.

Speakers – Crawl

An edged straight-to-the-point sound comes from Speakers’ ‘Crawl’, build form a turbulent dynamic undercurrent the track moves from restrained to intense in the blink of an eye while maintaining the strong hook-landen songwriting.

Lost In Your Mind – Hyper Empathy

A vivid melding of alt-rock and dream-pop, Lost In Your Mind’s debut offering ‘Hyper Empathy’ has a powerful, ambitious sound to it that comes across in the single’s pin-point production and songwriting.

Lisa Keane – Run

A gently set slice of alt-pop, Lisa Keane’s ‘Run’ has serene feel to it that’s full to the fore by a widescreen production and Keane’s own hushed vocal that rests at the centre of the track itself.

Fia Moon – Falling For You

Fia Moon returns with the gently-set ‘Falling For You’. Taking shape via subtle, airy production, this ballad rests behind Moon’s powerful and emotionally driven vocal.

Rooue – Flavour

The sophomore single from alt-pop duo Rooue, ‘Flavour’ is a joyously vivid offering built upon a pin-point prodution, instant hooks and intricate vocal layering.

Alex Gough – That’s My Job

A rumbling, tumbling hip-hop track taken from Alex Gough’s Forever Classic, ‘That’s My Job’ has a snapped sound to it that allows Gough’s wordplay to weave effortlessly around.

Orla Gartland – More Like You

Set to a pulsing backdrop, Orla Gartland’s ‘More Like You’ has an atmospheric-pop tone to it that’s pulled forward by Gartland’s hushed vocal as it draws you closer.

Carrie Baxter – Pray

A gritty, lo-fi R&B offering from Carrie Baxter, ‘Pray’ is made captivating by Baxter’s tone and timbre as her voice melds perfectly with the deeply textured music.

The Crayon Set – Moment

‘Moment’ finds the Crayon Set blending their indie-pop sound with great washes and spiraling electronic soundscapes, creating a depth to the track overall.

Ria Rua – Bad Girl

Ria Rua’s ‘Bad Girl’ has a growled electronic sound to it that warps and contorts with the beat and evolving vocal textures, giving the music an added edge.

Loraine Club – Stresshead

Built from a hazey, deeply textured music, Loraine Club’s ‘Stresshead’ has an instantly captivating core sound that addds a dreamlike quality to the music.

New Pagans – Christian Boys

Taken from New Pagans’ upcoming debut album  The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All, the brislting, unrestrained energy of ‘Christian Boys’ finds the band honing their angular post-punk to a sharpened point both musically and lyrically.

A. Smyth – When It Calls

Set to a slow burn, A. Smyth’s ‘When It Calls’ moves at a patient pace over a washing undercurrent, persistant rhythm and hushed vocal performance.

Sal Dulu – Girl

Populated by a hazy wash of textures and beats, the deep music of ‘Girl’ finds Sal Dulu creating a sound that’s truly captivating.

Slaney – Fairytale Moonlight

A shimmering sound comes from Slaney’s ‘Fairytale Moonlight’, embodied by the artists softly portrayed vocal and the spacous alt-pop production.

Tolü Makay- N17

A gently-set reimagining of the Saw Doctors classic ‘N17’, Tolü Makay and the RTÉ Orchestra present a glistening, sweeping, and deeply emotive take on the original.

Sage – Strange

A sonically contorting sound comes from Sage’s new single ‘Strange’. Built from angular guitar lines, rattling beats and cutting vocals, the hard-edged music of Sage comes to the fore with the bristling ‘Strange’.

Strawman & the Jackdaws – Field of Wonders

Taken from Strawman & the Jackdaws’ new E.P. Fox, ‘Field of Wonders’ is a charming and musically swirling offering from the group that merges a myriad of genres, sounds and dyanamics.

Boyfrens – Kiss, Dance, Sweat, Move

Boyfrens’ ‘Kiss, Dance, Sweat, Move’ is a compelling offer that takes shape within a soundscape of serene electronic pops and clicks, distant melodies and slowly augmenting vocal phrases.

Lauren Bird – Keep Trying

Set against a texturally inviting folk sound, Lauren Bird’s ‘Keep Trying’ has a feel to it that’s built out of the intricate production and lyrcially raw introspection of Bird’s songwriting.

Kynsy – Elephant In The Room

Drenched in noir-pop brooding, the rising tension of Kynsy’s ‘Elephant In The Room’ encapsualtes the raw brilliance of the artist’s debut E.P. Things That Don’t Exist.

Laoise – Gravy

Laoise makes her return with the lush vivid-pop of ‘Gravy’. Set against a backdrop of hazy textures, and call-response vocals, the single is pin-point-pop at its best.

Elaine Mai feat. MayKay – No Forever

Our first glimpse into Elaine Mai’s forthcomign debut album, ‘No Forever’ featuring MayKay finds Mai creating a deeply emotive sound built from dephful electronic soundscape production that centre around a capativating performance from MayKay.

Halli – Body Never Lies

A deeply enchanting music moves through Halli’s minimalist-pop offering ‘Body Never Lies’. Alive with layers of harmony that weave themselves around the artists captivating voice, this track is a sign of great things to come.

Toshín – She

A slow-burn sound comes from the softly set Toshín’s new single ‘She’. Portraying a slick soul-pop sound of the track is captured most perfectly in the vocal weaving and layering that forms the song’s core.

Basciville – Bloom

Basciville deliver a mood-driven music on their new single ‘Bloom’. Woven from dynamically building performances, the song is a compelling return from the duo.

Somebody’s Child – The Lover

‘The Lover’ finds Somebody’s Child adding a grittier edge to his neon inflected indie-pop sound. A sharp, turbulent track, ‘The Lover’ has a defined, contrasted texture to it.

Conor Thornton – Blue Room

An ominous gothic dark-wave sound comes from Conor Thornton’s ‘Blue Room’ as the artist delivers a growled performance that broods throughout.

Ye Vagabonds – I’m A Rover

The inviting folk sound of Ye Vagabonds’ ‘I’m A Rover’ makes for a truly welcoming listen as the pair meld vocally with the handcrafted music.

Wyvern Lingo – Only Love Only Light

Wyvern Lingo being 2021 with the big-music of ‘Only Love Only Light’. Bustling with intricate rhythm, textural guitars, deeply layered harmonies, and a soaring central vocal, the track is the trio’s most ambitous and best work to date.

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