TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Kynsy, Elaine Mai feat. Maykay, Toshín, Halli, Laoise & more

Kynsy – Elephant In The Room

Drenched in noir-pop brooding, the rising tension of Kynsy’s ‘Elephant In The Room’ encapsualtes the raw brilliance of the artist’s debut E.P. Things That Don’t Exist.

Laoise – Gravy

Laoise makes her return with the lush vivid-pop of ‘Gravy’. Set against a backdrop of hazy textures, and call-response vocals, the single is pin-point-pop at its best.

Elaine Mai feat. MayKay – No Forever

Our first glimpse into Elaine Mai’s forthcomign debut album, ‘No Forever’ featuring MayKay finds Mai creating a deeply emotive sound built from dephful electronic soundscape production that centre around a capativating performance from MayKay.

Halli – Body Never Lies

A deeply enchanting music moves through Halli’s minimalist-pop offering ‘Body Never Lies’. Alive with layers of harmony that weave themselves around the artists captivating voice, this track is a sign of great things to come.

Toshín – She

A slow-burn sound comes from the softly set Toshín’s new single ‘She’. Portraying a slick soul-pop sound of the track is captured most perfectly in the vocal weaving and layering that forms the song’s core.

Basciville – Bloom

Basciville deliver a mood-driven music on their new single ‘Bloom’. Woven from dynamically building performances, the song is a compelling return from the duo.

Somebody’s Child – The Lover

‘The Lover’ finds Somebody’s Child adding a grittier edge to his neon inflected indie-pop sound. A sharp, turbulent track, ‘The Lover’ has a defined, contrasted texture to it.

Conor Thornton – Blue Room

An ominous gothic dark-wave sound comes from Conor Thornton’s ‘Blue Room’ as the artist delivers a growled performance that broods throughout.

Ye Vagabonds – I’m A Rover

The inviting folk sound of Ye Vagabonds’ ‘I’m A Rover’ makes for a truly welcoming listen as the pair meld vocally with the handcrafted music.

Wyvern Lingo – Only Love Only Light

Wyvern Lingo being 2021 with the big-music of ‘Only Love Only Light’. Bustling with intricate rhythm, textural guitars, deeply layered harmonies, and a soaring central vocal, the track is the trio’s most ambitous and best work to date.

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