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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Danny G & The Major 7ths, Post-Party, Hallie & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Danny G & the Major 7ths – When It All Runs Out

Taken from Danny G & The Major 7ths new album The Lookout, ‘When It All Runs Out’ is a smooth blend of rhythms, glistening vibes and soulful vocal harmonies that form the core of its parent album.

Post-Party – Being Honest

A short, sharp, shock of indie-pop comes bursting out of the speakers with Post-Party’s latest single ‘Being Honest’, characterised by a pulsating drum beat, big choruses and interweaving guitar work.

Gareth Quinn Redmond & Yurn – Life’s Slow Build

A gently set and deeply atmospheric sound resonates throughout ‘Life’s Slow Build’. The title-track from Gareth Quinn Redmond & Yurn’s new E.P, the intricate music wraps itself around a cinematic mood and electronic edge adding a sense of drama to the track and E.P. as a whole.

Hallie – Waves

Set against a deep, darkly lit production, Hallie’s ‘Waves’ has a brooding backbone that rests behind the artist vocal layering and weaving. Resulting in a track with a compelling depth of field.

Speakers – Crawl

An edged straight-to-the-point sound comes from Speakers’ ‘Crawl’, build form a turbulent dynamic undercurrent the track moves from restrained to intense in the blink of an eye while maintaining the strong hook-landen songwriting.

Lost In Your Mind – Hyper Empathy

A vivid melding of alt-rock and dream-pop, Lost In Your Mind’s debut offering ‘Hyper Empathy’ has a powerful, ambitious sound to it that comes across in the single’s pin-point production and songwriting.

Lisa Keane – Run

A gently set slice of alt-pop, Lisa Keane’s ‘Run’ has serene feel to it that’s full to the fore by a widescreen production and Keane’s own hushed vocal that rests at the centre of the track itself.

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