Review | Katie Kim & Radie Peat ft. Ellie Myler and Spud Murphy – Nollaig na mBan audio/visual event

Katie Kim remarked during TLMT’s recent interview with the artist and Radie Peat that “these lockdowns and time away from work and playing live, it’s encouraged me to realize I really missed just listening.” The same feeling came upon me during the pair’s deeply atmospheric audio/visual performance for Nollaig na mBan last night.

Both Katie Kim and Radie Peat have proven their ability to weave powerful live performances separately in the past. Together, however, combined with Ellie Myler and John “Spud” Murphy, the pair’s infinitely haunting music was made all the more engrossing as it blended with brooding visuals that put the audience P.O.V within a darkened milieu. Intercutting the hand-held live scenes with ominous imagery that match the equally evocative sounds the band seamlessly created.

This contortion of the live stream medium was the perfect fit for Kim and Peat. The gothic-folk and doom-laden enchantment of the performance came across regardless of the distance online streaming creates between performer and audience. Indeed, returning to the interview mentioned above, the heavy intensity of songs like Kim’s ‘Heavy Lighting’, a soul-stirring rendition of Maija Sofia’s ‘The Wife of Michael Cleary‘ and Peat’s ominous delivery of murder-ballad ‘The Cruel Mother’ were enrapturing to behold, and drew the listener in as the set moved from track to track. Making the entire set one of great artistic expression.

And so it goes, the ethereal power of Katie Kim and Radie Peat was amplified during last night’s breath-taking stream. One can only speculate on how captivating the event would have been in-person. However, the audio/visual presentation of the performance added another, deeper layer and became a part of the music itself. Some times gigs can go by fleetingly, with the event or occasion itself becoming the focal point. But last nights’ set was one that makes you stop, take a moment and listen to the music.


1 thought on “Review | Katie Kim & Radie Peat ft. Ellie Myler and Spud Murphy – Nollaig na mBan audio/visual event

  1. Patrick Mc Loughlin January 7, 2021 — 4:31 pm

    Brilliant gig! Probably the best I’ve seen online. The contribution of the Percolator pair can’t be overlooked. A fantastic collaboration of talent.

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