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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Saint Sister, Shiv, Bullet Girl, Mark Logan, Micheál Quinn & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Saint Sister feat. Lisa Hannigan – The Place That I Work

A compelling melding of genres, styles and voices, Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan’s ‘The Place That I Work’ is the type of song to surrender yourself to and give your full attention.

Mark Logan – For Me To You

Mark Logan makes a mesmeric debut with the ancestral analysis of ‘For Me To You’, a song that rests upon a deep bed of interlocking elements.

Lauren Bird – Millennials

‘Millennials’ takes shape via a texturally turbulent backdrop, intricate production, and Lauren Bird’s pointed songwriting, all which is brought to life by Bird’s softly delivered vocal that hangs on each word.

Micheál Quinn – More

Micheál Quinn’s ‘More’, taken from the forthcoming LP Colours, is a sprawling journey through a myriad of tidal textures that finds the music moving from moments of calm to turbulence .

Loah & Bantum – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Taken from Loah & Bantum’s new E.P. Sweet Sorrow, this cover of the Kylie classic morphs the pop flourishes of the original into a atmospheric and mood-driven sound that carries a heavy undercurrent.

Bullet Girl – Panic 2020

A jagged, cutting sound comes from the speakers with Bullet Girl jolting new single ‘Panic 2020’ as the band set an angular tone to their post-punk inflected music.

Josh Gray – Hold On

Josh Gray takes on the Wilson Phillips banger ‘Hold On’ and reimagines the track within a alt-pop, electro spectrum that sits behind Gray’s emotive vocal weaving.

Shiv – U Don’t Burn

Shiv’s stellar Me 2 Me E.P. drops today, a highlight of the record comes in the form of the minimalist tone of ‘U Don’t Burn’ as Shiv’s voice takes centre stage.

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