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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Laoise, NewDad, Ra Gerra, Shiv, Tandem Felix, Celaviedmai & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Laoise – Movies

The hazey atmosperic alt-pop of Laoise’s ‘Movie’ finds an artist on the ascendancy via a mood-driven production wrapped around vivid songwriting.

Nnic – Looking For Love

Nnic offers a minimal-pop re-imagining of the Everything But The Girl classic ‘Looking For Love’, brought to life by vivid beats, lush textures and soulful vocals.

Celaviedmai – Known Better

There is nothing by-the-numbers about Celaviedmai or her latest offering ‘Known Better’. The type of track that dmeands to be heard, ‘Known Better’ has a definite bite to it.

NewDad – I Don’t Recognize You

Set against a wash of alt-rock saturated guitars, the dreamlike ‘I Don’t Recognize You’ moves through the malaise with harmincally rich dynamic builds and falls.

Ra Gerra – Terrified

One of the most sonically inventive tracks of 2020, the soundscape collage of Ra Gerra (a new project from Murli & Kobina) takes shape within glistening sounds and quick snap interplay of the vocals.

Grwl – Overstayed

A softly set bedroom-pop offering from Grwl, the smokey sound of ‘Overstayed’ weaves an enchanting spell and introduces Grwl as an artists with a deft sense of self.

Shiv – Letting You Know

Super smooth from the first bars, Shiv’s ‘Letting You Know’ rests in subtle music that rightfully plays to the instantly captivating power of Shiv’s voice.

Tandem Felix – The Assassination

Tandem Felix returns with the sprawling genre melding of ‘The Assassination’. Traversing melting pot of stylistic flourishes, true to form Tandem Felix weaves a lyrically intricate tale around an effortlessly vivid music.

Orla – Close To Me

Gently delivered and ambitous, the debut single from soul-pop artist Orla has depth, emotion and power to it. A strong stylistically charged beginning.

Moylan – Winter

A warm folk sounds flickers from Moylan’s latest single ‘Winter’, wrapped up in a handmade production, building strings and Moylan’s gently set vocal.

Eoin Glackin – El Dorado

With a touch of Josh Ritter circa The Animal Years, Eoin Glackin’s warm Americanan storytelling makes for an inviting listen on ‘El Dorado’.

Jake Vale – Bad Habits

Atmospherically soaked and awash with waves of textural alt-pop prodcution, Jake Vale’s ‘Bad Habits’ has a strong individualistic backbone.

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