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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From New Music By Wyvern Lingo, Chanele McGuinness, James Vincent McMorrow Jafaris, & more

TLMT adds to its Irish Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Bitch Falcon – Martyr

The centrepiece from Bitch Falcon’s debut offering Staring At Clocks (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Martyr’ portrays Bitch Falcon’s ability to push and pull the outer limits of their dynamic core to create striking statements with sudden sonic twists and turns.

Chanele McGuinness – Dreams

Chanele McGuinness makes her return with the softly set single ‘Dreams’. Cast across a glistening indie-folk backdrop, McGuinness’ voice weaves an enchanting spell throughout.

Wyvern Lingo – Rapture

Released with the news of a sophomore album Awake You Lie due for release in February 2021, Wyvern Lingo’s ‘Rapture’ has a twilight texture built from softly portrayed vocals, powerful dynamics and intricate songwriting.

Hex Hue x Avro Party – Anyway

Build out of a backdrop of multi-layered electronic textures, a beat that ebbs and flows with 80s electro-pop inflections, and a powerful vocal performance that moves with each stylistically strong flourish, the single is a tour de force of emotive, hazy, and dreamy synth-pop brilliance.

Columbia Mills – Mirrors On The Front Seat ( Remix)

Get Well Soon reimagine Columbia Mills ‘Mirrors On The Front Seat’ with a cinematic feel. A sprawling, wide-open sound reverberates through Get Well Soon’s remix that adds to the songwriting’s core sense of drama.

Crome Yellow – Pocket Protector

‘Pocket Protector’ is a jangled, indie-pop gem from Crome Yellow’s sophomore album No Friends Or Mirrors that’s awash with quick change dynamics, weaving guitars, and big choruses.

James Vincent McMorrow – Gone

‘Gone’ finds James Vincent McMorrow building outwards around a vivid, intricate beat that undulates dynamically around McMorrow’s texturally contrasting verse/chorus vocals.

Four Nights – Nothing To Say

A sonically warping debut offering from Four Nights, ‘Nothing To Say’ is a stylistically bold track that rests upon strong layers of effected vocal harmonies.

Feef – Who Are You?

A dreamlike offering from Feef, ‘Who Are You?’ creates serene lo-fi folk mood with an intimate, handmake feel.

Luunah – Houston

Taken from Luunah’s self-titled album, ‘Houston’ has a shimmering production that moves around Luunah’s music to create a wonderfully vibrant sound.

Jafaris – Beggar

A quick-snap, short, sharp, shock from Jafaris’ new E.P. I Love You But I’m In A… Mood, ‘Beggar’ showcases the undeniable flow of Jafaris.

Elaine Malone – You (1000 Beasts Remix)

A wonderfully mood-driven sound emanates from 1000 Beasts remix of Elain Malone’s ‘You’, from the warped synth line, crashing beat and Malone’s soaring vocal, the track is soaked in atmosphere.

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