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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Jackie Beverly, The Zen Arcade, BARQ, Kyoto Love Hotel, April & more

TLMT adds to its Irish Spotify playlist with new music by Jackie Beverly, The Zen Arcade, BARQ, Kyoto Love Hotel, April, Havvk, Saige, Sophie Doyle Ryder, Nealo, Bitch Falcon, Niamh Regan, Edwina Van Kuyk, Moncrieff, Conor Thornton & Maria Doyle Kennedy

Jackie Beverly – Sea Glass
Jackie Beverly makes a beautifully set return with the deft atmosheric-folk of ‘Sea Glass’, a track that wraps Beverly’s evocative songwriting in a texturally deep production.

April – Luna
The title-track of April’s brand new sophomore E.P, ‘Luna‘ is a beguiling listen that finds the artist delivering her most sonically widescreen offering to date via a music that has an icy, distant feel.

The Zen Arcade – Don’t Say A Word
A soncially warping, full-blown indie music comes bursting out of the speakers with the Zen Arcade’s debut single ‘Don’t Say A Word’, making for attention grabbing first impression.

BARQ – The Table
Sadly, the final single from perennial TLMT favorites BARQ, ‘The Table’ finds the group ending on high note via a song that exemplifies their truly unique sound and stylised music.

Kyoto Love Hotel – You Unfold
Filled with an ambitous, far-reaching sound, Kyoto Love Hotel’s latest offering ‘You Unfold’ swings for the fences with a large-scale song resting upon a full-bodied, texturally deep backdrop.

Bitch Falon – How Did I Know?
Our final glimpse into Bitch Falcon’s debut album Stating At Clocks before its release on November 6th (stay tuned to TLMT for our review soon), ‘How Did I Know?’ is a short sharp shock pushed forward by unrelenting rhythm and visceral vocals.

Havvk feat. Maria Kelly – Keeps Me Out
A reworking from Havvk’s new Plans With Friends E.P, Maria Kelly’s rendition of the band’s ‘Keep Me Out’ rests upon a tense undercurrent contrasted by Kelly’s gentle delivery.

Conor Thornton – Meta No. 4
Set to a slow-burn, Conor Thornton’s ‘Meta No. 4’ weaves an ominous music dominated by Thornton’s menacing vocal that casts a long shadow over the track.

Sophie Doyle Ryder – Little Black Book
A highly-stylised offering from Sophie Doyle Ryder, ‘Little Black Book’ is a fully-formed alt-pop single set against an intricate beat, vibrant production, and scene-stealing vocal from Ryder.

Nealo feat. Molly Sterling – All The Leaves Are Falling
The title-track from Nealo debut album, ‘All The Leaves Are Falling’ (read TLMT’s full review – here), featuring a scene-stealing vocal from Molly Sterling, explores the record’s central theme of change via a track finds Nealo at his most deft lyrically.

Saige – Mama
Saige continues her run of stand-out singles with the serene-pop of ‘Mama’. Featuring Saige’s powerful vocal performance at its centre, the track is a vivid offering that leaves a lasting impression.

Edwina Van Kuyk – Hurt For Me
The debut offering from alt-pop artist Edwina Van Kuyk, ‘Hurt For Me’ is a sublte track that rests upon Van Kuyk’s emotively driven performance as it builds alongside the growing harmonic backdrop.

Moncrieff – America
A song that demands your attention, the vivid sound of ‘America’ finds Moncrieff delivering a stylisically strong single brimming to the top with ideas and a hefty beat.

Maria Doyle Kennedy – Need A Little Luck In This Life
A delicate, texturally open track from Maria Doyle Kennedy, ‘Need A Little Luck In This Life’ is awash with undulating atmospherics that moves around Doyle Kennedy’s beguiling vocal.

Niamh Regan – Freeze Frame
A wonderfully inviting single, taken from Niamh Regan’s Hemet, ‘Freeze Frame’ is a song that finds its power within Regan’s instantly compelling vocal performance as it weaves itself around the music with conviction.

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