TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Orchid Collectve, Ailbhe Reddy, Denise Chaila, Kynsy, Oliver Cole, Mondernlove, Jehnova & Lod, Rooue, Orwells 84, A. Smyth, Skanger & Carron

Orchid Collective – Thunder
Ocrhid Collective return with the vivid and serene offering ‘Thunder’. A track awash with deep soundscapes and powerful beats, this new single is a most welcome comeback.

Ailbhe Reddy – Late Bloomer
Taken from Ailbhe Reddy’s debut album Personal History (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Late Bloomer’ is a gentle introspective snapshot from an record filled with deeply relatable and emotional songwriting.

Denise Chaila feat. Murli – Go Bravely
The title-track from Denise Chaila’s brand new mixtape, ‘Go Bravely’ moves with the artists’ defiined sense of self as both the music and the words flow with a singular confidence.

Kynsy – Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State
A jagged, angular sophomore offering from Kynsy, ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ has a full-scale sound with a real weight to it that rests brilliantly behind Kynsy’s scene stealing vocal.

Oliver Cole – You Were The Right Turn
Olive Cole gives us a glimpse of his forthcoming solo album Father Brother Son in the shape of the widescreen Americana soaked single ‘You Were The Right Turn’.

Rooue – What You Want
The debut offering from alt-pop duo Rooue, ‘What You Want’ makes a stylish first impression via slick production, well-crafted hooks and engrossing vocal interplay.

Modernlove – Use Me
Highly-stylised and ambitous, Modernlove make their return with the sprawling ballad ‘Use Me’ which finds the group delivering contrasting dynamics and textures.

Orwells 84′ – She Is So Sweet
A handcrafted indie-folk sound swirls around Orwells 84 ‘She Is So Sweet’, offering a glimpse into the band’s new E.P. Truth Is The First Victim.

A. Smyth – Don’t Let Me Down
‘Don’t Let Me Down’ makes for a turbluent dynamic release from A. Smyth. Brimming to the top with building guitar lines, contrasting verses and choruses, and a fast yet hushed vocal, the track leaves a captivating impression.

Carron – Borrowed Life
Set against a sprawling backdrop of slow-moving textures, the shimmering feel of Carron’s ‘Borrowed Life’ finds the duo delivering a serene and deeply enchanting music.

Skanger – Condolences
Dripping with atmosphere, ‘Condolences’ takes on a slow-burn feel melded with a patient obscured vocal that becomes apart of the songs’ great textural backdrop.

Jehnova & Lod feat. Uly – hwlcky
Cast across a mellow production, ‘hwlcky’ is a sonically rich offering from Jehnova & Lod where every line, beat and harmonies feels like part of a bigger picture.

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