TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape Featuring Sinéad O’Brien, T.A. Narrative, Pillow Queens, Æ MAK, Nicetry, Lilla Vargen, Jafaris, Lyra & more

Lilla Vargen – Love You Twice
Lilla Vargen makes her return with the beautifully set ‘Love You Twice’. Cast against a subtle backdrop, Vargen’s voice takes centre stage and pulls focus with its delicate timbre.

Joshua Burnside – Under The Concrete
Taken from Joshua Burnside’s brand new album Into The Depths of Hell, ‘Under The Concrete’ is an airy rolling and tumbling offering that contrasts the darkly lit atmosphere of its parent album.

Æ MAK – forevermorereplay
Awash with vibrant pops and clicks of rhythm, the intricate beat of Æ MAK’s ‘forevermmorereplay’ is a strikingly individualistic offering from an artist with a growing and defined of their artistic self.

TV People – Nothing More
Delivered with a growl, the isolating post-punk of TV People snaps into focus with the brooding sound of ‘Nothing More’ as the song moves purposefully from start to finish.

Farah Elle – Sunblock
Farah Elle unveils her debut solo single ‘Sunblock’. A deftly crafted music weaves itself around Elle’s inviting vocal as she moves from lush harmonies to expansive songwriting.

Toygirl – Poison
Toygirl’s ‘Poison’ finds the band realising the promise laid out in their previous two singles via a deep sounding production that matches the complexities of their songwriting and emotive drive of their performance. A stellar outing from the band.

NewDad – Blue
NewDad stark sound comes to the fore on the darkly lit ‘Blue’. Captivating in its mood and tone, the single is yet another sure sign of the band’s growing prowess.

Christian Cohle – Wallflower
Soaked in undulating textures, Christian Cohle’s ‘Wallflower’ is a lesson in depth and tone as the song moves from pulsing beats to washing soundscapes under a contorted vocal.

Bullet Girl – Concrete Bed
A rip-roaring offering from Bullet Girl, the short sharp shock of ‘Concrete Bed’ is a take no prisoners noise punk track that demands attention.

May Rosa – Gresham Street
A lush dream-pop offering from May Rosa. The long depth of field and icy atmospherics of ‘Gresham Street’ is a reverb soaked journey from Rosa filled with emotion.

JyellowL – Mademoiselle
JyellowL gives us yet another stylistically rich glimpse into his forthcoming 2020 D|vision album with ‘Mademoiselle’. Delivered with through a wide-open prism of sound and JyellowL’s quick-snap words, the track is yet another promising sign of what’s to come.

PureGrand – Timeline
From its highly stylised sound to it dominant vocal performance, the mood-driven sound of PureGrand’s ‘Timeline’ makes for a compelling listen as it coves the sonic spectrum.

Emma Langford – Birdsong
Emma Langford delivers her most striking work to date with the awe-inspiring harmonies of ‘Birdsong’. Cast across a captivating backdrop of vocal layers and pulsating trad beat the song is simply beautiful to behold.

Ailbhe Reddy – Looking Happy
‘Looking Happy’ provides our latest glimpse into Ailbhe Reddy’s forthcoming debut album Personal History. A raw, heart-on-sleeve offering, the single has an immediacy that seems to be bubbling underneath all of Reddy’s latest outings.

Lyra – New Day
Lyra delivers a sprawling epic with her latest offering, ‘New Day’. Set against a striking depth of field the Lyra’s captivating voice dominates the foreground as the song builds in grandeur.

Æ MAK – Wedding Day
The third in a string of stand-out releases from Æ MAK, the sparse yet intricate beat and gritty vocal layers of ‘Wedding Day’ once again showcase the artist instantly recognisable and singular voice.

Josh McClorey – Everything Was Easy
Josh McClorey makes his solo debut with the deeply textural and expressionistic ‘Everything Was Easy’, cast across a glistening production the song has an emotional core that cuts right through.

Rebekah Fitch – Dust
Awash with distant harmonies, the textural ebb and flow of Rebekah Fitch’s ‘Dust’ makes for a compelling backdrop for the heart-wrenching songwriting and Fitch’s emotively driven vocal to rest upon.

Fiona Harte – What Is Loving Anymore
A gently set and harmony filled ambience resonates throughour Fiona Harte’s subtle new single ‘What Is Loving Anymore’ as the songwriting is surrounded by a warm inviting folk production.

EFÉ – Table For Two
EFÉ weaves a slow-burn vividness around her music on the entrancing and shimmer filled new single ‘Table For Two’.

Seamus Fogarty – Johnny K
The abstraction of sound and performance that resides at the heart of ‘Johnny K’ is yet another affirmation of the singularity of Seamus Fogarty’s songwriting.

Franki – I Mean It
Soaked in atmospheric production, the deeply layered sonic weight of Franki’s ‘I Mean It’ creates a dreamlike alt-pop music that has vivid array of sounds.

Ev Carm – Awake
The title-track from Ev Carm’s brand new album, ‘Awake’ is a buzzing contortion of emotion and sound that contrasts the serene undercurrent that flows beneath that artist’s debut record.

T.A. Narrative – Lifting You Higher
Set to a sprawling synth soundscape, the pops and clicks and electronic hooks that fill the spectrum of T.A. Narrative’s ‘Lifting You Higher’ meld with the intricate vocal interplay resulting in lush listen from start to finish.

Sinéad O’Brien – Most Modern Painting
The opening track from Sinéad O’Brien’s stellar debut E.P. Drowning In Blessings, the jolting broken rhythmn of ‘Most Modern Painting’ finds O’Brien twisting and contorting haunted imagery around the music in an instantly captivating way.

NiceTry – Willows
Soaked in distant atmospheres and a sense of scale, the foreboding sound of ‘Willows’ makes for a truly compelling debut from Nicetry as the band merge impact and subtly all at once.

Adam Garrett – Casual
Cast across a serene backdrop, Adam Garrett’s ‘Casual’ moves with glistening textures and a gently set vocal performance.

Luz – The Author
A delicate offering from rising songwriter Luz, the intimate mood of ‘The Author’ once again showcase the artist’s ability to twist a compelling sound around compelling songwriting.

Tolü Makay – You Are Enough
Set against a vivid myriad of sounds, the vibrant music and multi-layered beat of Tolü Makay’s ‘You Are Enough’ finds Makay delivering an anthemic self-affirming single brimming to the top with powerful vocal harmonies, instant hooks and intricate rhythms.

April – Watch You Disappear
April returns with the mood-driven slow-burn of ‘Watch You Disappear’, a vivid track that blends big washes of vocal harmony, shimmering beats and raw lyrical twists.

Magazines – Happy Alone
Magazines’ ‘Happy Alone’ grabs the attention from the get-go. With an urgent beat, quick-change guitar textures and a hushed but clear vocal, the song is stylistically rich offering.

Crome Yellow – Don’t Really Want To Know Ya
High-stylized, the brand new single from Crome Yellow ‘Don’t Really Want To Know Ya’ is a sonically dense track that packs a punch.

Æ MAK – hey driver (!)
The fourth track taken from Æ MAK new E.P. how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world, ‘hey driver (!)’ is a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and sound brought to life by a playful and unique vocal.

Soda Blonde – Love Me World
Soda Blonde make their return with the sonically lush slow-burn of ‘Love Me World’. Set against a glistening backdrop and beguiling vocal, the song covers a vivid spectrum of sound.

Paddy Hanna – Sinatra
Paddy Hanna unveils another glimpse into his forthcoming album The Hill, with a deep, dark, dive into a noire-pop murder ballad entitled ‘Sinatra’.

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Dark Tropics – Morrocan Sun
‘Morrocan Sun’ makes for a shimmering, vibrant return from Dark Tropics as the undercurrent of hazy dream-pop comes to the fore as it wraps around the captivating vocal.

Denise Chaila, Sorcha Richardson, God Knows, & Murli – Out The Gaff
A vivid sound spanning a myriad of sounds and styles, ‘Out The Gaff’ finds rising artists Denise Chaila, Sorcha Richardson, God Knows & Murli melding their own voices into one.

Pillow Queens – Holy Show
One of many highlights from Pillow Queens’ debut album In Waiting (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Holy Show’ sets the scene for one of the best album of 2020.

Jafaris – Haunted
‘Haunted’ finds Jafaris delivering an effortless flow above a rich beat that changes and evolves behind the nuances in his performance.

N.O.A.H – Shine
A big vibrant indie sound emanates from N.O.A.H’s ‘Shine’. Set against a turbulent beat, expansive production and big hooks this is an ambitious offering.

Bitch Falcon – Martyr
Taken from Bitch Falcon’s upcoming album Staring At Clocks, ‘Martyr’ runs with a pulsing pace pushed forward by intricate guitar lines and a dynamically twisting vocal.

Gadget and the Cloud – Ten Past Three
Slowly evolving throughout its four-minute runtime, ‘Ten Past Three’ serves as an ambient repose of sparse, tense textures within Gadget and the Cloud’s new E.P.Things I’ll Never Say

Maria Doyle Kennedy – And The Wind Just Cries
The latest in a series of monthly single releases from Maria Doyle Kennedy, ‘And The Wind Just Cries’ is a tranquil yet vivid offering put through a rich prism of glistened sounds that rest neatly behind a beguiling vocal.

SON – Gimme Shelter
A brooding rendition of the Rolling Stones classic ‘Gimme Shelter’, SON takes the pulsing menace of the original and twists it into something deeper and darker via a slow-burn vocal performance.

Cronin – There Is A Darkness
A widescreen indie crooner sound opens up on Cronin’s brand new single ‘There Is A Darkness’ as the band swing for the fences with big production and bigger choruses.

A.S. Fanning – You Should Go Mad
A unique and instantly engrossing track, A.S. Fanning’s ‘You Should Go Mad’ builds from a sparse opening to sonically contorting crescendo.

Callistan – Fire (Remix)
Callistan remixes 0Stella’s ‘Fire’ and creates a lush electronic backdrop that blends with the vocal in a way that expands the expression.

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