TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By T.A. Narrative, Sinéad O’Brien, Adam Garrett, Nicetry, Luz, Tolü Makay, April, Magazines, Æ MAK, & Crome Yellow

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by T.A. Narrative, Sinéad O’Brien, Adam Garrett, Nicetry, Luz, Tolü Makay, April, Magazines, Æ MAK, & Crome Yellow.

T.A. Narrative – Lifting You Higher
Set to a sprawling synth soundscape, the pops and clicks and electronic hooks that fill the spectrum of T.A. Narrative’s ‘Lifting You Higher’ meld with the intricate vocal interplay resulting in lush listen from start to finish.

Sinéad O’Brien – Most Modern Painting
The opening track from Sinéad O’Brien’s stellar debut E.P. Drowning In Blessings, the jolting broken rhythmn of ‘Most Modern Painting’ finds O’Brien twisting and contorting haunted imagery around the music in an instantly captivating way.

Adam Garrett – Casual
Cast across a serene backdrop, Adam Garrett’s ‘Casual’ moves with glistening textures and a gently set vocal performance.

NiceTry – Willows
Soaked in distant atmospheres and a sense of scale, the foreboding sound of ‘Willows’ makes for a truly compelling debut from Nicetry as the band merge impact and subtly all at once.

Luz – The Author
A delicate offering from rising songwriter Luz, the intimate mood of ‘The Author’ once again showcase the artist’s ability to twist a compelling sound around compelling songwriting.

Tolü Makay – You Are Enough
Set against a vivid myriad of sounds, the vibrant music and multi-layered beat of Tolü Makay’s ‘You Are Enough’ finds Makay delivering an anthemic self-affirming single brimming to the top with powerful vocal harmonies, instant hooks and intricate rhythms.

April – Watch You Disappear
April returns with the mood-driven slow-burn of ‘Watch You Disappear’, a vivid track that blends big washes of vocal harmony, shimmering beats and raw lyrical twists.

Magazines – Happy Alone
Magazines’ ‘Happy Alone’ grabs the attention from the get-go. With an urgent beat, quick-change guitar textures and a hushed but clear vocal, the song is stylistically rich offering.

Crome Yellow – Don’t Really Want To Know Ya
High-stylized, the brand new single from Crome Yellow ‘Don’t Really Want To Know Ya’ is a sonically dense track that packs a punch.

Æ MAK – hey driver (!)
The fourth track taken from Æ MAK new E.P. how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world, ‘hey driver (!)’ is a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and sound brought to life by a playful and unique vocal.

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