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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By New Pagans, April, Brass Phantoms, Ria Rua, Liam Geddes, Pillow Queens, Paj, Nerves, Meljoann & delush

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by New Pagans, April, Brass Phantoms, Ria Rua, Liam Geddes, Pillow Queens, Paj, Nerves, Meljoann, & delush.

New Pagans – Yellow Room
New Pagans make their return with the bristling, sharp-edged ‘Yellow Room’. Cast across a propellant beat, angular guitars and brooding vocal, the single is the band’s best work to date.

April – forever (to feel like tonight)
There can be no doubting the rising prominence of April. Her latest offering, the darkly lit and mood-driven single ‘forever (to feel like tonight), sets the tone with a hushed vocal and stylised beat.

Brass Phantoms – Hurricane
‘Hurricane’ finds Brass Phantoms delivering a ambitious indie/dream-pop music contrasted by an urgent rhythm, large-scale choruses and icy guitar work.

Ria Rua – Red
A growling sound comes from the undercurrent of ‘Red’ by Ria Rua. A song with a bite to it, the buzzing beat of the song makes for a compelling listen.

Liam Geddes – I’m Hers
A swing for the fences pop song, Liam Geddes ‘I’m Hers’ makes for a sonically rich listen moving big choruses to intimate verses.

Pillow Queens – Holy Show
Taken from Pillow Queen’s forthcoming debut album In Waiting, ‘Holy Show’ is a heart-wrenching offering, driven by the dynamic back and forth from the emotionally hard-hitting vocals and music.

Paj – Superman
A slick sound surrounds Paj’s new single ‘Superman’. Set against a vivid vibe of musicianship, the song is an inviting listen.

Nerves – Time Trial
Nerves return with the crashing, angular sound of ‘Time Trial’. A unrelenting and fuzz-laden track, the trio’s latest single is filled with frustration and release.

delush – Lean On It
A vivid sound permeates ‘Lean On It’. The latest single from delush, the song covers the sonic spectrum with a deep textural sound and whispered vocal.

Meljoann – Business Card
Sonically contorted, Meljoann’s ‘Business Card’ finds the artist warping and twisting a myriad of sounds into one striking sound that takes hold from the very beginning.

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